Lake Thoreau Now Holds “Pyramid of Light”

by Karen Goff May 9, 2014 at 1:00 pm 20 Comments

South Lakes High School students and the Initiative for Public Art Reston (IPAR) on Thursday unveiled a temporary art installation that turns the Lake Thoreau spillway into a colorful pyramid.

“Pyramid of Light” will remain in place for about eight weeks, said IPAR executive director Anne Delaney.

The project was created by SLHS art students Sammy Nazam, Gabriella Rando, Margaret Lashley, and Tehmeena Salahin, with guidance from SLHS art teacher Marco Rando. The students designed the work, built a  model, created the plexiglass panels, and had to go through the same process as any other artist to get their work approved by Reston Association’s Design Review Board.

Turning the spillway into public art was the idea of James Pan, a Reston resident who suggested the concrete square that can be seen from South Lakes Drive would be a great space for art. He offered financial support if the students would work on a project, says Delaney.

Pan was at the dedication on Thursday, along with the students and teacher, RA representatives, IPAR members and Reston founder Bob Simon.

In his remarks, RA board president Ken Knueven pointed out that public art is one of the founding principles of the community.

  • Greg

    Love it. That really is fantastic–in conception and execution.

  • Paul

    It’s great! Kudos to everyone involved in making it happen!

  • Eve Thompson

    Wonderful! It looks fantastic! Congratulations!

  • Todd Sapp

    Looks Wonderful!!

  • Linda Stanley

    How cool is this? What a great way to turn an otherwise unattractive object into a thing of beauty. Congratulations to you all for your creativity. How very fortunate you are to have an art teacher like Marco.

  • Laurie Altman

    I saw it this evening. It looks fantastic!

  • sue caley

    it’s wonderful! Can we leave it up longer?

  • Allison

    Saw it tonight as we drove by! Very very cool display!!

  • Kate Peterson


  • Meda Ling

    A breathtaking work of art… congratulations to the artists and all who made this possible. What a wonderful collaboration and contribution to the community. Thank you!

  • Patrick Ohara

    this is not news what about the things that effect the community{Metro expansion,,jobs,inflation in area,and oh yes!…What are our high paid officials doing about it?}Also the poor repair of our roads,courts,and roadways.Why is there not a story about this.These are things that are effecting all of us in Reston as well as the county in general.I,m all for art,and it,s beuty,but right now there are major problems effecting all of us in the future,and nobody is addressing this!..thank you

    • Karen Goff

      Patrick – we write about all those things al the time. There are lots of different types of news.

  • doug fuller

    This is awesome and a welcome sight every time I drive by. Even my jaded 15-year old son commented on how cool it is. It will be a real shame if this doesn’t stay up for a long time. Congrats to everyone who made it happen!

  • Matthew Abrams

    Nice to see so many positive comments for once. This is great and I hope they can find a way to make this a permanent piece – also, being a resident on Lake Audubon, I would like to see something similar on our spillway.

  • Dan Wiles

    Saw it yesterday on my driveby, looks great! 8 Weeks is not enough…

  • Myron Rosmarin

    Bravo! Really love this. Echoing other comments here – yes! Eight weeks is not enough. Would love to see more student designed art installations on the lakes and elsewhere in Reston. Brings a smile to my face every time I see it.

  • I love it! Great job!

  • Beau Lendman

    What a great idea! This should be a permanent art exhibit maintained by art students at South Lakes!

  • Sue Hess Bloomfield

    My puppy and I walk by the pyramid every morning….as many people do…..why not leave it up…so much work to get it there…..in fact, let’s do a different one on each spillway as a Reston signature statement…..

  • happycamper

    WE live on Lake Thoreau and love the way this looks.


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