Homeless Man Found Squatting in Posh West Market Townhouse

by Karen Goff December 7, 2015 at 4:30 pm 18 Comments

George Laniyan/Credit: FCPDA homeless man was arrested after a standoff with Fairfax County Police on Sunday after officers found him living in a vacant townhome near Reston Town Center.

George Laniyan, 37, of no fixed address, was charged with unlawful entry.

Police were called to the 12700 block of Kinsley Place Sunday about 9 p.m. after a resident in the neighborhood of $800,000 homes said an unknown man had been seen hanging around in the morning and evenings.

The neighbor said he called police after he observed the man exiting the vacant home. He also said he saw lights on inside the vacant house.

Police went to the home Sunday night. When they announced themselves, a man answered from a second floor location, but refused to come downstairs.

12000 block Kinsley PlaceOfficers went upstairs and located the man in a bathroom. He refused all commands — and told police they would have to kill him.

Police used a taser, which did not affect the suspect. Police were still able to take him into custody, however.

FCPD’s investigation revealed that the subject is homeless and had been squatting in the vacant residence. The owners of the residence responded and advised nothing in the home was missing.

Photo: Top, George Laniyan/Credit: FCPD/ bottom, Kinsley Place neighborhood/MRIS

  • meh

    did the taser malfunction or was he under the influence of PCP or some other narcotic?

    • Karen Goff

      Have a call in to police. Will update if/when i get an answer.

      • RoadApples

        He most likely replecated the premise of that great old movie from the late 40’s:
        It Happened on 5th Avenue!

  • Mike M

    Welcome to Reston. This story might be Reston in a nutshell. Or maybe the Reston of 2020.

  • Ming the Merciless

    “Wait, you mean this isn’t the affordable workforce housing the developer promised me?”

  • RickDotSalt

    It did not escape my attention that he is wearing a North Face jacket. Not sure the relevance of this, just found it interesting.

    • MaggieSays

      People donate all kinds of things.

  • Next Time Say OK

    “He told police they would have to kill him.”

    If only the police had granted his wish, it would have saved the taxpayers a world of trouble and expense.

    • Chuck Morningwood

      Homelessness or even being mentally ill shouldn’t be an excuse for summary execution.

  • susie

    Would like to know this guy’s story. Clean-shaven, neatly trimmed hair, clean jacket…

    • LesAnn620

      Seems to have some strange issues if you look at his public social media accounts. He attended VT, but he’s also been banned from the campus. Lots of religious postings.

  • Happy eNDiNg

    nothing was missing. Suspect is alive. Justice was served.

  • Sec8

    Just more affordable house that Reston loves so much.

  • Ysbaltogov

    The cost of living is rediculous up there. I have seen many homeless Blacks and Whites in Reston. Embry shelter and the Dropp Inn Center can’t house all of them. Homeless people live in tents in the woods on the bike trail near 7 Eleven stores and Target. Refugees in Italy have moved into vacant apartments. https://youtu.be/M-opCXj3FTQ

    • Noelle

      I never had noticed them near Target till I was taking a bus back from DC a few years ago and was standing (so at a position where you could see that area). I was shocked by how many tents I saw. In such a wealthy area like Reston, its sad to see this.

  • freestylergbb

    Headline (“squatting”) rather amusing. Story rather sad. Many homeless people in Reston.

    • MaggieSays

      It’s the right verb. Even though it also conjures up an amusing mental picture of someone physically squatting, to put it any other way wouldn’t be using precise language.

      • freestylergbb

        “Living in” would have worked just fine. “Squatting,” while technically accurate, has negative connotations like so much other language describing homeless people. I pointed this out because language has so many implications beyond the precise definitions of words — in this case briefly amusing but also negative. But your reply is appreciated.


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