Spiraling Glass Sculpture to Debut at Signature Park in Reston Town Center

by Fatimah Waseem March 28, 2018 at 2:30 pm 26 Comments

A spiraling tower of glass created by American glass artist Danny Lane is under construction next to the newly-opened Signature, Boston Properties’ 508-unit apartment building.

The artwork consists of stacked, iron glass on a granite plinth that can also be used as seating. The twisting form is placed at the center of the convergence point between three pedestrian paths.

The art piece is the “focal point” within Signature Park, which contains widened bike path, a play area for children and stairs leading to town center, according to Richard Ellis, Boston Properties’ vice president of development.

The site is under construction as work on landscaping continues, according Anne Delaney, executive director of Public Art Reston.

Here’s more about the piece and the artist from Public Art Reston:

The goal of the artwork is three fold. From macro to micro, our objective for the new Danny Lane sculpture site is: to enrich the civic life of greater Reston; to contribute a permanent sculpture to the Reston Town Center development that introduces a unique and elevating experience and to specifically form a connection between the new Signature residential tower that both harmonizes with the building’s elegant design and serves as a welcoming transition from the adjacent public green space.

Danny Lane is an American glass artist currently living and working in London. He is best known for his large scale glass and steel sculptures. Through his work, he contrasts the seeming fragility of glass as a material with the sturdiness of steel to create sculptures that are at once commanding and elegant. His work can be found in collections around the world, from London, to Hong Kong, to the United States.

Photo via Public Art Reston and Danny Lane

  • Jason Rubinstein

    Gee I hope it’s visible from the road because I doubt anyone cares enough to pay for parking to see it 🙂

    • Peanut

      I don’t think people will be going and staying more than an hour just looking at it between the hours of 3am and 5pm. So no, I don’t think many people will pay parking to see it.

  • Thanks BXP

    Your parking dollars at work, lets hope we get a series of these bevause the way we understand it seating is free.

    • 30yearsinreston

      Dont give them any ideas

  • Why do you bother?

    Oh, look – someone has a inferiority complex.

  • Greg

    We had to go all the way to London to find an artist?

    • Mike M

      Did they really find one?

  • Peanut

    RestonNow comment section – committed to complaining about paid parking. Can people actually comment on the article??

    • BXP

      I think you deserve the promotion I dont care what they day.

    • Greg


    • The Constitutionalist

      No, sorry.

      Your comment has to be about paid parking or it just vanishes.

    • Scott

      Okay. “Public art”..what a F¥¢€!π£ waste of money that no one cares about except 10 people on a committee that complain at county meetings.

  • Drive By Critic

    You mean to tell me that the Yellow Triffids insufficiently “enrich(ed) the civic life of Reston” on their own and that we needed to call in some reinforcements? What is a “welcome transition” anyway? What would an “unwelcome” transition look like? This is a so-called park space that is seldom used anyway…

  • corrupt reston

    A signature park? This is like 20ft of green space in-between a massive apt tower and Reston parkway.

  • Cubsfan6116

    So…it’s a private art installation on private property that will be publicly accessible. No public funding, no access restrictions day or night. But it’s Boston Properties so let’s just be angry at them even when they do something which, at the very least, is not bad.

    But let’s all be nasty. This is why we can’t have nice things.

    • Restonlover

      I so agree with you. Personally, I am thankful for anyone who puts art out whether it’s on homeowner property, on top of the dam on Lake Thoreau, at underpasses, etc Anything that can brighten someone’s day.

    • Greg

      There are how many needy families in Reston? How many residents at the homeless shelter? The county’s never-satisfied need for “workforce” housing? And this is how BPX chooses to spend? On some hideously ugly thing from an “artist” from London? For shame.

      • Cubsfan6116

        So we should have no privately-funded public art until we have no poverty? How is that BPX’s problem anyway? I’d hate to hear your thoughts on museums and theaters.

        Again, just inventing reasons to complain for the sake of complaining.

        • Greg

          We should not have hideously ugly things called “art.” Anywhere funded by anyone.

          And remember. HHNHH! So take your hate elsewhere!

      • JS333

        You do understand the concept of business right? It’s a mall. Why should the mall be responsible for homelessness? Honestly…

        • Greg

          No, it’s not a mall. More of your fake news?

          See my comments above. Tysons Corner Center is a mall. Fair Oaks is a mall. Reston Town Center is not a mall.

  • JS333

    RTC is and always has been a SHOPPING CENTER designed for profit. It is not a community center. They want to improve their private property w/ an art installment so good on them. Nobody complains about art at Tysons Corner Center. If you don’t like art, for profit businesses or are too cheap to pay $3 to park, don’t come, but stop complaining. It’s been over a year. If you don’t want businesses to succeed because they charge a nominal fee to park go elsewhere and shut the heck up. I’m so tired of the misplaced negativity.

    • Greg

      Um, no. You may have noticed a hotel there? The Hyatt? 518 rooms and tens of thousands of square feet of meeting spaces. And, offices? Millions of square feet of them, in fact. Also, residences. At least 1200 and counting.

      Let’s stick to facts and not fake news.

      • David Romero

        I don’t get your point Tysons Corner Center also has a Hyatt, offices and apartments since the metro station opened.

        • Greg

          Key point: “since the metro station opened.”

          RTC is open and always included mixed uses; Tysons is enclosed and was never more than a shopping mall until the metro opened.

          • David Romero

            I still don’t get your point. JS333 is simply pointing out RTC is private property owned by Boston Properties. As such, why should people complain when they put art on their private property.

            How does calling a mixed-use development a mall or shopping center undercut their argument?
            Or is there some other point you are trying to make about the nature of RTC i.e. why do you care what we call it?


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