May 12, 2015–May 13, 2015

Artist Growth Path

Hunters Woods Gallery

2310 Colts Neck Road

Reston, Virginia 20191

Exhibit Dates: May 1 – 31

Bob Kaminski is a sculptor and painter who lives and works in Reston. His works emphasize the relationship between the human experience, spirituality and different philosophies that exist around the globe. Each of his works tells a story and encourages the viewer to view and interpret the piece based upon the viewer’s life experience. Many of the paintings reflect an abiding interest in different cultures, ethnicities, spirituality and the human /divine interface. He uses humor in many of his works to emphasize the folly in our ways.

His abstracts encourage viewers to project their beliefs and understandings onto the pictures and compare their beliefs with those of the artist.

This is, he believes, one of the primary aspects of art – to engage the viewer and cause him or her to confront an idea and compare and contrast his/her understanding with that of the artist.

Mr. Kaminski’s works are in collections across the United States and internationally in Canada, Europe and Australia.


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