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October 28, 2013–October 29, 2013

Bamboo and Beyond (Exhibit Dates: October 28 – December 1, 2013)

Jo Ann Rose Gallery

1609 Washington Plaza N

Reston, Virginia 20190

Bamboo and Beyond
Artists: Tracie Griffith Tso
and Chinese Brush Painting Students
Reception: Sunday, November 10, 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Extending beyond basic tradition, Chinese artistry breaks with the bamboo, mixing it with selections of flora and fauna in Bamboo and Beyond, a broad spectrum exhibit of original works by Tracie Griffith Tso. In this exhibit, she explores mediums and finishes outside of ink and rice paper, working with iridescent hues, mixed media and fabric backgrounds. Chinese brush painting encompasses artwork from horses to hummingbirds, from pandas to pine and carp to chrysanthemums. While the techniques are 6,000 years old, the nuance and expression casts this work in a modern light.
“This is my weekend work, when I get to stretch my skills and test the traditional mixed with elegant experimentation of plants and animals,” Griffith Tso said. She creates stories with them, with one bird glancing coyly at another, a horse in a snowstorm, lounging pandas and rabbits. “Animals are expert communicators of body language,” Griffith Tso said.

A great believer in keeping skills fresh and learning from teaching her students, a collection of her student’s works will also be displayed.

Griffith Tso developed her style at age 12 in her native California with a teacher who was schooled by a master in Hong Kong. She teaches workshops, lectures and demonstrates nationwide. Griffith Tso, who teaches Chinese brush painting classes at Reston Community Center Lake Anne, often has brush in hand, demonstrating and drilling students in the age-old basic brushstrokes. A Torpedo Factory Art Center associate artist, she is a member of the Washington Ceramic Guild and the Kiln Club, exhibiting her brush painted pottery monthly at the Torpedo Factory Art Center’s Scope Gallery. A selection of Griffith Tso’s brush painted pottery will also be displayed in the Reston Community Center Lake Anne 3-dimensional showcases.

The artist and her husband, along with her workshop rabbit, Cleo, reside in North Reston. Visit her website at www.inksart.com

Image 1: Tracie Griffith Tso, Family Portrait in Black and White, Ink and Natural Pigment
Image 2: Tracie Griffith Tso, Lotus Eater, Ink and Natural Pigments on Rice Paper
Image 3: Tracie Griffith Tso, Wading Pool, Ink, Watercolor and Natural Pigments on Rice Paper


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