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January 15, 2015–January 16, 2015

Free Plein Air Workshop of Reston Golf Course

11529 Sunrise Valley Drive, Reston VA 20191

11529 Sunrise Valley Drive, http://www.artframesolutions.com

Reston, Virginia 20191

Plein Air Paint Workshop set up throughout this week at Art Frame Solutions. We have a picturesque view of the Reston Golf Course and would like to share it with you to paint. Bring your own art supplies, chairs, easels and come out. You choose your own medium and I will supply the picturesque view which is in jeopardy of redevelopment. You will have access to use my facilities and I will make sure there is plenty of coffee and cocoa.
What to Bring for Plein Air Painting:

An easel (French Easel is best) or some device to hold your work. This could be as simple as a fold up table or some type of stiff surface like a piece of plywood that you rest on your lap or on the ground.
A surface to work on, paper, board or canvas. Gesso (prime) the surface if you work with oil or acrylic paint.
solvent for cleaning your brushes – either turpentine, mineral spirits, or water
painting medium (a mixture of stand oil or linseed oil and solvent to thin your oil paint)
containers for the solvent and painting medium
paint – at least the primary colors (red, blue, yellow,) along with black and white.
rags or paper towels
chair (optional of course)
palette knife


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