March 1, 2016 1:00pm–4:00am

Reston Garden Club Meeting

Nature House, Walker Nature Center

11450 Glade Drive

Reston, Virginia 20190

We are all looking forward to hearing both Anthony Piselli and and Lillian Preston, Landscape Designers from Hidden Lane Landscaping Company, speak on “Uses of Stone in the Landscape” at our March meeting on Tuesday, March 1, 2016 in the Nature House, Walker Nature Center, 11450 Glade Drive, Reston, Virginia.

The use of natural stone strategically placed in the landscape can transform a plain and boring planting bed into one that is both an interesting and beautiful garden. A single stone can provide a focal point with the embellishment of surrounding plants. Or, used in multiples and various sizes, can add texture and contrast as well as beauty, to your outdoor space. We are all looking forward to this presentation and finding more about the “Uses of Stone in the Landscape.”

Members and guests are invited to attend. For more information go to www.therestongardenclub.org


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