November 4, 2017 4:00pm–6:00pm

Pocketbook Diaries with L C Rogers

Scrawl Books

11862 Market St.

Reston, Virginia 20190

L C Rogers, author of Pocketbook Diaries, will be coming to Scrawl on November 4th to talk about her book!

“When the intelligent, yet distressed 15 year old Zyaire Ryan discovers her great-grandmother’s missing pocketbook, a thousand year old mystery begins to unravel. After the pocketbook one day takes on a life of its own, Zyaire is sucked inside and hurled into the clandestine world of Aphrodan, where she meets Acaeus; General of North Aphrodan. Soon, battle lines are drawn as her presence sparks off a life or death struggle spanning from Aphrodan to Earth with Zyaire caught in the middle. It is only through Zyaire’s inner strength, Acaeus’ love, and the help of a faithful friend that she can make it out alive.”


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