October 12, 2017 7:30pm–9:30pm

The ABCs of Lyme Disease: Learn the latest on Lyme Disease and its impact on the brain

South Lakes High School

11400 South Lakes Drive

Reston, Virginia 20191

Ticks have been fierce this season and Lyme Disease is on the rise. The South Lakes High School PTSA is sponsoring a panel discussion on this topical issue. Lyme disease is transmitted by infected deer ticks so it is more common in grassy and wooded areas, like ours. The CDC estimate that 300,000 people are diagnosed with Lyme disease in the US every year. Yet diagnosis can be difficult and many experts believe the number of cases is higher.

Come hear the latest information from a panel of leading experts:

Clinical Signs of Lyme Disease – Kim Fogarty, Physician Assistant in an infectious disease practice
Impact of Neuropsychiatric Lyme Disease – Heather Applegate, PhD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Environmental Risk of Lyme Tick infections in Fairfax Cty – Michael von Fricken, MPH, PhD, GMU
No Ticks. Please! – Nancy Fox, EdD, Lyme Disease Awareness Curriculum K-12
Patient Perspective – Kate Sheridan, Student Lyme patient and Madison High School Graduate

Education is your best defense.


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