November 2, 2013–November 3, 2013

Ventures and Puzzles (November 2 – 30)

RCC Hunters Woods Gallery Exhibit

2310 Colts Neck Road

Reston, Virginia 20191

Artist: Frank Eifert
Exhibit Dates: November 2 – 30, 2013

For this series of abstract oil paintings, Frank Eifert developed a “multi-oriented” method of painting that offers the viewer several options for interpretation and enjoyment. Each work can be oriented from each side or corner (for square works), essentially providing eight distinct pictures. To facilitate understanding of these paintings, Frank has written contemporaneous “Half-Reflections” to metaphorically suggest some of the intentions, surprises and significances encountered in the creation of the painting. “As ambivalence and ambiguity are the hallmarks of our time, these multiple options are an appropriate aesthetic response,” Frank said

Frank’s goal with this series of oil paintings is to make every part of every picture relate in a specific manner and degree with every other part so that the whole may relate in similar fashion with all other pictures, spectators, interpretations, reality and life itself: “Whether or not this is a viable aesthetic aim, it is worthy of the kind of dedication that art has often inspired and occasionally deserved.”

Born in New York City in 1920, Frank won a city-wide competition to the Art Students League where he studied with Yasuo Kuniyoshi and his work was shown at the Brooklyn Museum. After returning from the ETO in World War II, he went back to the League for 4 more years under the GI Bill and also studied at Cooper Union. His work for the first half of his life was representational. In New York he exhibited at the Babcock Gallery, the Roosevelt Field Art Center, the Pietrantonio Gallery, the Gripi Gallery, the Society of Illustrators, and the Seligmann Gallery. He also exhibited at the Austin Hayes Gallery in York, England, the Columbus City Museum, the Pinacothek Gallery in Venice, Florida and the Janus Gallery in Washington, D.C. His work is in collections at the Columbus City Museum, the U.S. Air Force Collection, IBM and NASA. In the second half of his life, Frank developed a keen fascination for abstract art as seen in this exhibit. Enjoy. Visit Frank’s website: [email protected]

Image 1: Sting, oil
Image 2: Echo, oil


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