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RA Members Will Pay $634 Assessments in 2014

by Karen Goff November 22, 2013 at 10:45 am 4 Comments

Reston AssociationReston Association members will pay a $634 assessment in 2014, a $44 increase from this year, the largest jump in five years.

At its meeting on Thursday,  the Reston Association (RA) Board of Directors voted for the increase of 7.5 percent. Assessments had been rising at about 4.5 percent the last several years. The board also approved the proposed Operating, Repair & Replacement budget and New Capital Asset budget for fiscal years 2014 and 2015.

These actions set the planned Revenues, Operating Expenses and Capital Expenditures for the next two years:

Revenues: $16,156,368 $16,571,879

Operating Expenses: $13,713,369 $14,156,879

Capital Expenditures on Existing Capital Assets: $1,666,679 $2,539,144

New Capital Asset Acquisitions: $292,916 $386,500

The board also OKed proposed 2014 New Capital Asset Expenditures of $292,916 (2014) and $386,500 (2015), through an “inter-fund transfer” from the Association Repair Replacement & Reserve Fund. Among the high priority items the money will fund: $124,000 for pathway lighting near Hunters Woods; expanded community gardens at Cedar Ridge ($50,000 over two years); and $160,000 for document management software.

See all budget-related items on RA’s website.

RA assessments have risen rapidly over the last several years, due in part to the need to repair and replace Reston’s aging infrastructure and facilities. Here is a look at assessments since 2000:


Year    Amount    % +/-
2000    $370.00
2001    $375.00   1.35%
2002    $387.00   3.20%
2003    $399.00   3.10%
2004    $415.00   4.01%
2005    $425.00   2.41%
2006    $437.00   2.82%
2007    $437.00   0.00%
2008    $475.00   8.70%
2009    $491.00   3.37%
2010    $515.00   4.89%
2011    $540.00   4.85%
2012    $565.00   4.50%
2013    $590.00  4.50%
2014    $634.00   7.45%

(Source: Reston Association)

  • Whitney Clayton

    The RA fee is getting ridiculous. At least with this website I can see how much I need to save up before it just shows up in my mailbox.

  • Diane Blust

    Rather than give away a $2million asset last night, RA should have had the foresight and management skill to sell the acre in question to Lake Anne Development Partners for the parking garage at Lake Anne. Yes, it would have taken a referendum and the supporters of the land swap would have had to make their case in a forum that included the entire RA membership, but if their case was as good as they believed, they should have stood up and done ALL RA members a service. (To be fair and balanced: the RA land use attorney did tell the Board that the acre of RA natural area was equal in value to a strip of land along Baron Cameron between Village Rd and Wiehle they will receive when the swap goes through – still checking to see where the VDOT easement is on this parcel. And RA gets $100K for reforestation and 25% of the costs of dredging Lake Anne in the future.) That $2million could have gone a long way towards meeting expenses and keeping assessments low. This is why it pays to pay attention to those RA Board meeting agendas, folks.

    • Diane Blust

      So, the VDOT easement on the future RA parcel is approximately 50 ft from the center of the two eastbound lanes of Baron Cameron.

  • NotaGG3

    Ms. Blust is correct–that sale of the RA-owned grove never would have gone through. In this case, a referendum would have saved the citizens mega-bucks. Now we are all liable for the care of the drainage ditch we will receive in return for our forest. Trees cut down, forest habitat for birds and other creatures destroyed so that 120 visitors will be able to park at Lake Anne. Anyone else feel like they are living in Bizarro-world?


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