Thursday Morning Rundown

Stacey Kinkaid/File PhotoMeet Sheriff Kincaid — Stacey Kinkaid, Fairfax County’s first woman sheriff, says she wants to create opportunities for women and minorities in the department. She is also starting a program to aid released prisoners with mental health issues. [Washington Post]

Going Mobile — Think crowded classrooms are just for students? Teachers at some Fairfax County Public Schools are short on space too.  The school system has grown by about 20,000 students since 2006, so some speciality teachers have no classrooms of their own, just a cart. [Washington Post]

Meet the Robot Squad — Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli says $33 million received from a Medicaid fraud settlement will go towards helping Virginia sheriffs, police chiefs, the state police, and other law enforcement departments statewide to receive new equipment, including new robots for its bomb squad. [Fairfax Times]


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