What do you want to add to your community?

Reston Association PathWith the addition of the Silver Line and future development in Reston, our community is going to change. How it changes is something most of us are considering. In addition to the negatives, there will be positives. What do you think makes Reston stand out from other neighborhoods?

I would like to see us continue our commitment to developing walkable places.

According to a recent study conducted by Active Living Research, walkable shopping areas promote active living and have a beneficial impact on nearby housing values. The report, Walkable Shopping Areas are Good for Business, based on analysis of 70 studies and articles plus an exploratory study of 15 walkable shopping areas, also notes that the availability of mass transit is an important adjunct to the success of such commercial areas. Additional transportation and livability studies are available at Active Living Research.

What features do you want to set us apart from other Northern Virginia communities as we grow?

Lucinda Shannon


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