Reston, VA

Thursday Morning Rundown

Dog at Lake Anne Plaza

Metro Changes — If you are planning to take Metro over the holiday weekend, be aware of holiday schedule changes. [Metro]

Swim Safely — It is Recreational Water Illness and Safety Week. Fairfax County has some reminders on safe swimming. [Fairfax County]

New Digs For Animals — Fairfax County recently held a grand opening for its renovated and expanded Animal Shelter at 4500 West Ox Road in Fairfax. The renovations includes new rooms, a new play yard and a room for small animals such as hamsters. [YouTube]

Driving the Bus — Fairfax County is taking applications for drivers to join its fleet of bus drivers. It’s a job that includes flexible hours and benefits. [FCPS]

Phasing Out Paper Fare Cards — Metro announced on Wednesday it will phase out the paper fare cards by modifying the vending machines over the next 18 months, meaning everyone will eventually use a reloadable plastic SmartTrip card. [Washingtonian]


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