Dog Bite and Bear Sighting in Reston

by Karen Goff June 2, 2014 at 4:38 pm 3,626 8 Comments

A black bear was spotted near St. John's Wood Apartments/Credit: Google Maps

Two animal incidents were reported in Reston on Friday.

A man walking down the sidewalk at Wiehle Avenue and North Shore Drive at 8 a.m. Friday was bitten on the arm by a Labrador Retriever, Fairfax County Police said.

The victim received a minor injury. The dog was routinely quarantined.

Later that day, the residents of St. John’s Wood Apartments off of North Village Road were alerted by email from apartment management that a black bear was seen in the neighborhood about 4:45 p.m.

Police could not confirm the sighting, however, there have been black bears seen in the area recently. Black bears typically hibernate from November to April.

In  late April, a black bear was hit by a car on the Dulles Toll Road near Wolf Trap. Earlier that day, a black bear had been seen in the 1600 block of Fremont Lane in Vienna.

Black bears are believed to live in 92 of 98 Virginia counties. Animal control officers typically don’t remove them unless they are sick, injured or a threat to public safety.

Map: Location where black bear was spotted/Credit: Google Maps

  • Debra J. Fidler

    quarantine the man, he probably antagonized the sweet dog.

    • whylime0402

      I like to give dogs the benefit of the doubt, but that is taking things a little too far. There are no details here and that is a wild jump to conclusions.

      • Julie Paiewonsky

        I was there…the man did not antagonize the dog. I walk by this dog frequently and it was only a matter of time before someone got hurt. I’m just thankful that it was not a child. The dog is very aggressive and should not be on the Reston paths. There was blood running down the poor guy’s arm. I am a dog owner and not afraid of dogs…but I’m afraid of this one!

  • Justin Edwards

    black bears! I hope to see one… from a distance

  • KIKI

    They should be removed from the area.

  • Alice T

    Thanks for the map!

  • Tom

    bears eat beets

  • Mike M

    Years ago around 2000, I was sitting at the traffic light at Reston Parkway and New Dominon when I noticed a bear walking down the median. Stunning location for a bear. That same year there were many sightings of multiple bears in what was once woods west of Floris UMC and north of Frying Pan Road. I think I recall they were removed?
    I think they should be removed for their own saftey.

    As for the Lab biting a man. Why do I find this a little hard to believe? Why am I skeptical? More facts would be useful.


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