‘Pyramid of Light’ Will Remain Through Summer

by Karen Goff June 19, 2014 at 4:20 pm 4 Comments

Pyramid of light/Credit: Sean BahramiThe Pyramid of Light public art project that was built on the Lake Thoreau spillway in early May will remain there through the end of August.

The Reston Association Design Review Board has approved a request from the South Lakes High School art students that created the colorful project. The student artists — Margaret Lashley, Sammy Nazam, Gabriella Rando and Tehmeena Seher Salahin — originally had permission to keep the installation, which has received high praise from area residents, on display until the end of June.

The students turned the concrete platform into the base of a pyramid built of colorful hanging plexiglass panels.

Turning the spillway into public art was the idea of James Pan, a Reston resident who suggested the concrete square that can be seen from South Lakes Drive would be a great space for art. He offered financial support if the students would work on a project, says Anne Delaney, executive director of Initiative for Public Art Reston, which sponsored the project.

  • Constance Hartke

    I really enjoy seeing the art there. Glad it can stay longer!

  • Jenny Gibbers

    The fake navy display was made with cheap materials and its falling apart. The signal flags are broken, likely alerting to the recent fish kill. I see little hope in getting this fixed as most locals seem nonchalant about it. In fact they seem to enjoy this general state of disrepair. After all, its Reston.

  • freestylergbb

    As an (almost) daily kayaker on Lake Thoreau, I love this art. What a great space to have art permanently. The colors and movement of this installation go with the lake. Bravo, South Lake student artists and Initiative for Public Art Reston.

  • Mike M

    Oooooh! It’s arrrrrt!


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