Update: Reston Town Center Block 4 Project Gets Green Light

by Karen Goff August 1, 2014 at 9:30 am 1,339 11 Comments

Block 4 Residential Towers/Credit: Fairfax County Boston Properties’ plans to build on Reston Town Center’s last remaining undeveloped parcel have been given the go-ahead by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors.

The Supervisors on Tuesday approved Boston Properties’ plans, which include include two high-rise residential buildings with up to 549 units and nine levels of underground parking.

The plans also call for a park with a yoga area, public art and picnic areas. The 6.35-acre site, called Block 4, is currently a 251-space surface parking lot zoned for office development.

Reston Citizens Group Reston 2020 expressed disapproval last spring when it was determined that the Presidents Park area near Blocks 4 and 5 could lose 60 feet of green space to the new development.

Boston Properties purchased the site at Fountain Drive and New Dominion parkway in 2013 for a reported $27 million. At that time, Boston Property executives said they planned to change the zoning from office space to residential

According to the county planning staff report, which recommended approval of the project, the 250,000 square feet of office density represents the last remaining non-residential density available under the proffered maximum 3.465 million square feet of non-residential development approved within Reston’s urban core.

Boston Properties will move the office part of the development to Block 5, where the current FedEx/Kinkos and Ann Taylor are now located, with additional office space above.

The plan calls for turning that three-story retail/office building into a 17-story building with 276,788 square feet of office space and 7,800 square feet of ground-floor retail. The building would also have four levels of underground parking.

The board also approved a reduction in parking of 22 percent (up to 192 fewer spaces) because of its proximity to future mass transit. The planned Reston Parkway Silver Line Metro Station is a half-mile away.

Photo: Block 4/5 Residential Development Proposal/Credit: Fairfax County

  • Brian

    Reduced required parking by 22%? Really? Why are our Supervisors hell bent on turning us into NYC? Move to Manhattan if you love it so much, but stop trying to turn Reston into the high priced traffic nightmare it’s becoming. This is incredibly stupid, pie-in-the-sky wishful thinking that everyone will hop a bus to go to RTC.

    • cosmic93

      I have NEVER been unable to find a space at RTC, even on the busiest Friday and Saturday evenings. I think your concern is totally overblown and represents a deep misunderstanding of what parking is actually like in New York City.

      • Brian

        Uh, parking in NYC is very expensive. What am I missing?

  • Arvid

    Calm down, Brian. Unlike most town centers in the Metro area RTC has developed plentiful and (mostly) free parking within close proximity to retail. 22% is just one block of redevelopment. The town center currently boasts over 7000 parking spaces for town center visitors (thats not counting dedicated residential spaces).

    What RTCA needs to stay focus on is when the Reston Pkwy metro opens up how to keep commuters from using those spaces.

    Also this is the last undeveloped block in the town center, finally it will be complete!

    • vdiv

      You may have missed the memo that the “town center” (towns do not have high-rises, megacities do) is planned to expand all the way to Baron Cameron Ave. and all the way to the DTR to accommodate for the metro station.

      How long do you think before a Metro spur is considered to service that expanded urban core and go north all the way to Sterling, 2026?

      • Frogger

        Based on the Silver Line experience, I’d guess more like a half century–and that will be Leesburg, not Sterling.

    • Brian

      With Metro coming, and more development with a smaller parking ratio, do you really think the parking garages will remain free? No chance. I don’t blame RTC; they can’t have commuter parking filling their spaces. I’m just saying their has been a steady move to make Reston a metropolis that some of us who grew up here don’t appreciate.

      I fully realize the RTC area was always intended to be high density. I would just like to see some balance around Reston (see the development of Baron Cameron’s green space for yet another facility, likely loss of the golf course) and stop the crazy notion everyone will take mass transit around town. To my point, this isn’t Manhattan.

  • Frogger

    Besides the parking reduction, President’s Park–that buffer area along Reston Parkway will have its width reduced by one-third next to the current parking lot to accommodate the high-rise construction, including the loss of mature trees.
    So much for the Reston Vision and Values.

  • Jason Rub

    Who actually looks at relatively small Reston Town Center, with its close proximity to a future metro stop and its total of SEVEN retail parking garages and one surface lot, SIX residential garages, 1 hotel garage, and 1 office garage, and says to themselves “We need MORE parking?”


    • Jason Rub

      Oh, and it’s also next to a bus bay!

  • cosmic93

    People are also missing a key detail about the parkland involved – the strip along Reston Parkway will get fresh landscaping, benches, and new walkways to make it more of a usable/livable green space, instead of the nondescript zone that exists today.


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