Reston Town Center to Get Rid of Unwanted Residents — Rats

by Karen Goff August 6, 2014 at 12:39 pm 1,871 13 Comments

Town Square Park at Reston Town Center Reston has long touted the Reston Town Center as its urban core. Now town center has an urban problem.

Reston Town Center management has notified residents that Reston Town Square Park is experiencing a rat issue.

Here is the memo that residents of The Midtown Condominium received Wednesday morning

Dear Midtown Resident,

The following notice was received from Reston Town Center.  Dog owners should pay particular attention!!!!

As  you have probably heard we have rats in the Town Square Park for the first time.  What you may not know is that there has been an explosion of rats in the entire Town Center.  I am not sure why except that perhaps the Avant construction provided stimulation for them to get into the rest of Town Center.

 In response both Boston Properties and RUCA are taking steps to initiate a major effort on our properties to get rid of the rats.  RUCA is also working with Triple “S” Pest control.  They did a survey of the Town Square last week and found rodent burrows in the big planting bed on Explorer St, and in the beds facing Market St.

We have contracted with them to do intensive treatment doing 9 visits to inspect and aggressively treat the existing burrows for the first month and then follow up with monthly treatment.  This will include installing 9 tamper resistant bait stations in key areas of the property including flower and shrub planting areas.   These will look like a fake rock and  will contain a rodenticide which I have been told will not harm dogs, but dog owners should keep their dogs away from them. 

Dog owners must be very careful about cleaning up dog poop and putting it in the stations. If the stations are getting too full too quickly please let me know. Rats are attracted to the waste. 

We also ask that residents be sure to clean up any food and trash and if possible take it with them out of the park for disposal.  

Thank you,

Midtown at Reston Management

Photo: File photo of Reston Town Square Park

  • Max

    If you build it they will come….

  • Frogger

    . . . not to mention the two-legged rats that have long occupied Boston Property and Cooley LLC offices.

  • John Lovaas

    Is Town Center the only commercial area with a newsworthy rat problem?

    • Karen Goff

      Since Midtown is among the most expensive addresses here and since Avant is pretty much the most expensive rental, as well as new construction, yes.

      • Puhleeze …

        That park is 1. A giant dog toilet. And 2. A complete design failure. It does not serve a purpose. Demolish it. Then rebuild. Then ban doggies.

  • John Lovaas

    And they put it in writing!

  • Chuck Morningwood

    Just one more reason not to patronize RTC.

  • Zec

    I’ve seen rats in front of Chipotle and front of Midtown North. The woods that border the properties in RTC are full of campsites . The homeless occupy these sites and they also contain trash. Trash containers must be emptied on a regular schedule. On weekends they are full.
    The garages contain foodstuffs that people leave behind. And finally, restaurants must do their part.

  • Qwerty

    Oh good lord. Are we really blaming homeless people for the appearance of rats in RTC?

    • Debra J. Fidler

      we are just doing our best to survive.

  • Roxane Hughes

    Rats do not need a “smartrip” card to travel. They are a highly mobile part of the ‘underground economy.’ Does the infestation correlate at all with Metro equipment or test cars first coming to Reston?

    • North Restonian

      Rats aren’t going to travel a mile to the Town Center when Plaza America is much closer. This was caused locally.

  • Debra J. Fidler

    it’s a shame that people that frequent the town center and leave food laying around don’t take responsibility for it. Some people are darn right lazy and expect others to pick up after them constantly. I know this s the problem all those restaurants and laziness. The microwave society.


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