SLHS Shocked By Senior’s Sudden Death

by Karen Goff September 25, 2014 at 11:45 am 24,581 23 Comments

Emma Clark/Credit: SLHS yearbook 2014South Lakes High School students are mourning the death of senior Emma Clark, who died unexpectedly on Wednesday.

Students were told of the news at school this morning. Grief counselors will be available to any student who needs help.

No further details of the cause of death have been released.

Principal Kim Retzer also reached out to SLHS families in an email:

Dear South Lakes Families,

It is with great sadness that I share with you the news of senior Emma Clark’s unexpected death yesterday.  Emma was well liked by all who knew her. She was an excellent student and active in a number of school activities. She will be truly missed and lovingly remembered by the South Lakes community.

Understanding death, especially the death of a peer, can be a very difficult experience. For that reason, we hope that you will listen to your son or daughter as well as discuss with them their feelings and reactions to this tragedy.  We are taking every step we can to be responsive to the needs of our students and their families. A crisis team has been set up to support our students and staff over the next two days. Keep us informed if there are ways we can support you.

On behalf of all members of the school staff, our deepest condolences are with Emma’s family and friends during this difficult time. If we can be of further assistance, please feel free to call the school office 703-715-4500.

 Photo: Emma Clark, 2014 South Lakes yearbook

  • Chuck Morningwood

    Rest in peace, Emma Clark. You passed on far too young.

    My condolences to your family, friends and acquaintances.

  • Blaise Nasta

    Even tho I go to herndon high I’m still really really sad about that it really sucks when that happens unexpectedly I knew people that died the way I’m truly sorry for the family and I wish the best for the family and Ik she’s under good protection up their I’m sorry for what happened it’s really sad and I hope the family gos well with her death

  • Nichole

    she goes to my school. Today was a sad day for a lot of Seahawks. I didn’t really know her but she looks so nice and sweet. This was a total shock. My heart goes out the families of Emma Clark. Rest In Peace.

  • Julia Persing, SLHS Junior

    I saw her a couple times around school, and i may not have really known her but its still scary when you realize that she won’t go to prom, or graduate, or go to college, of have a family, and you will. Rest in peace Emma, and know you are mourned by friends, family, teachers, and complete strangers. You will not be forgotten by anyone here at SLHS.

    Taken too soon
    We were told before noon
    That suddenly you were gone

    Just a day before
    you left forever more
    Through mortalities’ door

    Completely unexpected,
    Everyone reflected,
    On the girl who was gone too soon.

    Rest in peace Emma Clark

    • Marly Fullerton

      Julia, this is so beautiful! I’m sure her family will treasure it. I am so proud of you!
      Señora Fullerton

    • Dean

      be nice dont bully

      • Lina

        How is she bullying anyone?

  • Saviour Tizol

    I may not know her at all and as a student at South Lakes, I too feel devastated about this situation. Many teens die everyday, most with depression. We don’t know how or why she died, but we shall pray while she is resting in piece. R.I.P. Emma Clark

  • Avery Madore

    Students and faculty of South Lakes,
    On behalf of myself and the entire Mclean student body and faculty, I would just like to say that we are truly sorry and you are in our thoughts and prayers.
    Stay strong, we are here for you.

  • Jon Linney

    RIP Emma. :'( It was good knowing you in Info Systems last year. I’m sure Ms. Koeninger misses you more than I do.

  • Dr. D

    I am so sorry about what has happened to you daughter.

  • A South Lakes Family

    My daughter has friends who know Emma, and it was a very sad day at school today. Our condolences to the Clark family for your loss. May your beautiful daughter rest in peace.

  • Joseph Pavlack

    I didn’t know her but I saw her in the hallways time to time, but its just a tragedy how someone’s life could be taken away so early. My deepest condolences to her family and her friends. I just hope that they can recover from this tragedy

  • Sebastian patino

    I go to SBHS and even tho I didn’t know her I can’t even imagine what her freinds and family are going through, REST IN PEACE EMMA

  • Marly Fullerton

    My heartfelt condolences to the Clark family and our students.

  • Teresa Hatch

    Emma will truly be missed by her friends from Lifetime Athletic Kids Academy. She was a terrific friend, great with all kids, and a valued employee. Her smile radiated warmth. She was beautiful inside and out. Our prayers are with her family. Emma you are peace. We will celebrate the time we were able spend together.

  • c

    I cannot imagine the pain that is being felt by her family and friends…I am so sorry for your loss….More (realistic) programs for depression and bullying need to put in place or another tragedy like this will happen again….The pressure of these school assisted programs deter actual sufferers from partaking…I realize there are guidelines, but no rule should equal a death…School is supposed to make young people more realized people….and the select few who get to have that experience are lucky. Anyone who bullied Emma should feel more than bad…South Lakes High School should feel very bad…because you’re not doing your job….People are going to die….but as someone who went to south lakes, I knew before the end of the first quarter of classes that I hated it and wanted to die….but there was no resource for me…. I knew Emma….and I wish something or someone could’ve stopped this from happening…I miss you and so does everyone else Emma.

    • Lina

      Hi, I support everything you’ve stated. Still, I’d like to ask how do you know she committed suicide?

      • Lina

        In addition, how do you know she was bullied?

        • Lina

          You shouldn’t go around spreading such things if you don’t know the truth yourself. Emma was well loved by everyone at South Lakes, so don’t jump to assumptions.

          • Lina

            Correction, is. I’ve never seen so much pain until today.

  • Jena

    Rest in peace Emma. You were not only an amazing, brilliant and caring girl, but you were also a very loving cousin. You put a smile on everyone’s face, and you always found a way to brighten someones day. I’m so heartbroken that you’re gone, but I know that grandma Yoyo will keep you company in heaven. I will see you again someday cous. I miss you and love you. Only the good die young

  • Daniel

    I never knew this individual, but I am deeply saddened to see another person become a victim to depression’s insidious power. I am sure she was deeply loved and people wanted to help her. The problem is that people who are depressed are silenced by the stigma of mental illness in our society. Please show that you care about depression BEFORE it takes lives, not just after. Please share this video, as a victim myself, I would have loved knowing that I was not alone in my pain…http://www.1voiceinside.com/1vi-projects/what-if-i-killed-myself

    God bless Emma and her family. I hope God finally heals your pain and grants you everlasting peace.


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