Poll: Go Back to the Bocce Drawing Board?

by Karen Goff October 3, 2014 at 3:00 pm 11 Comments

Outdoor Bocce Court/Credit: Joy of BocceThere has been much outcry recently over Reston Association’s plans to build a bocce court at Cabots Point Recreation Area off South Lakes Drive.

The RA Board approved the proposed 60-by-12-foot project last December. Residents of nearby clusters started notifying RA of their disapproval last spring.

Residents have several concerns. Among them: that they were not notified before the project was OKed (the process has since been improved); that the park will take away green space and other recreational opportunities for families and that non-members will use the park, causing parking issues, an increase in trash and a liability issue.

RA has vowed to push forward. Should it? Take our poll.

  • Bocce Lover

    This seems like such a supreme overreaction by a bunch of whiny ingrates … this is an amenity being added for the community, and all this uproar is silly, IMHO.

    • Capo

      Dear Bocce Lover–Your disrespectful tone (calling the concerned residents of that area “whiny ingrates” when, in fact, this project was pushed through by one board member without full knowledge or consent of others) is yet another reason not to establish these courts in the Cabots Point location. You clearly do not fully understand the issue because if you really were concerned about “community,” you would understand that to construct these courts in that location would truly damage the openness that is fundamental to Reston’s appeal. There are plenty of more appropriate areas in Reston for building bocce ball courts, areas that will not create traffic problems, nor take away open space from the many people who engage in informal activities, nor be rammed through by an individual board member. Show some respect, Bocce Lover, for the people most directly affected…lest someone think you are a “whiny ingrate” for crying without fully understanding, considering, or relating to the real issues.

  • Fed Up

    The current RA board and top RA management seem to 1) forget how important plenty of notification and inclusion is for *any* project that will take away green space or impact the environment, wildlife – or residents, and 2) be less concerned about the environment/green space/wildlife than any in the last decade. The board is developer-stacked and forgets what makes Reston different.

    And does top management even listen to their mid-level managers or key advisory committees? (Thinking about the resignation of a key person on the environmental committee.)

    For those who accuse the affected neighborhood residents of being whiners, I don’t live near and would not be personally affected by the bocce court, but it is typical and symptomatic of the direction of the Reston rulers. Look at the larger picture of many board actions.

    The problem is that unless it’s disruptive to your own neighborhood, or involves something you care about, most people don’t pay attention. But it’s a pattern.

  • Mike M

    I see the bocce boy club of Reston is taking advantage of the multiple vote avenue. Va bene! 😉

    • Megan

      I understand the residents’ concerns about the disruption to the neighborhood and losing the open space. Bocce is a fine idea, but there must be a larger park that would be more appropriate and is not part of a neighborhood.

      • Adrian Havill

        Lake Fairfax Park, next to the new and under attended skate park and near the rarely used cricket field.

  • No Crybabies

    It’s a public recreation center, not just for those who live connected to it. Just like the 5 crybabies by the dog park. If they want it the way it is let those buy the land since all of us pay it, it’s for all of it. I understand West Virginia has a lot of green space, move…

    • Mike M

      How about people who want to play bocce play on their own property? If we feel compelled to accept this “good idea,” what do we NOT accept? How about my pogo stick racecourse? I demand my pogo stick racecourse, and if you don’t like it, you must be a crybaby. Right?

  • WhyBuildIt

    Why can’t bocce be played on the grass that is already there? That is how the rest of us do it. That way the community is not spending money to tear up grass and maintain courts that will probably be unused when the hipsters desert the game in 3 months.

  • OpenReston

    I’m sure the residents there already use their open space, most likely to just walk around or walk their dogs. Something peaceful and serene about open land.

  • OpenReston

    I haven’t actually viewed the parcel of land, but it’s been reported to be fairly small and a part of the Cabot’s point community. The parking is a problem. The costs associated with this project have been misleading from the RA resident who has been the lead proponent. Costs over the years and maintenance, signage, etc. will go into much higher numbers. I don’t appreciate the misrepresentation of the costs or the fact those residents didn’t get a chance to weigh in.
    I want to keep the Reston Golf Course open land too-:)


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