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Wednesday Morning Rundown

by Andrea Swalec October 15, 2014 at 9:25 am 5 Comments

Storm (Photo via Flickr/house of cards)Food Truck With Homemade Bacon — Food truck fans can look out for the Bacon N’ Eds truck at Reston Station Plaza. Chef Ed Hardy, previously of the Rockville restaurant Quench, will serve banh mi, biscuit sandwiches, homemade bacon and more. [Eater]

Ebola Screenings in Schools — Fairfax County Public Schools are screening sick students for ebola. When students are ill at school, they will be asked if they or anyone in their families have traveled to West Africa. [Fox 5]

Stormy Weather — A flood watch is in effect until 8 p.m. The forecast calls for up to 2 inches of rain, wind gusts up to 24 mph and possibly a thunderstorm. [National Weather Service]

  • Chuck Morningwood

    Ebola screenings at school? Really?!? So, when my kindergartner spontaneously ralphs in the cafeteria, the school nurse is going to ask him, “Have you or anyone in your family been to West Africa?”. Will there be a follow up question, “Do you know anybody who has Ebola?”

    We have now moved from Reasonable Concern to Hysteria.

    • Alas

      Not to mention, the kid will either lie, or won’t know the answer.

  • Laura Calacci

    God forbid one of our kids gets Ebola or Entero Virus in school. If the government would shut the borders, this worry could be virtually eliminated. It is widely reported that Entero Virus came in through the unsecured southern border and we know Ebola came from Liberia. Seems simple. Enforce the law. Enforce our borders. Save lives.

    • Adrian Havill

      And don’t eat bacon!

  • Adrian Havill

    Dive under the bed and I’ll pull you out when it’s totally safe, probably about two weeks from now.


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