Sprint To Layoff More Than 200 Reston Employees

by Karen Goff October 30, 2014 at 1:00 pm 6 Comments

Sprint Reston Campus/Credit: Reston2020 via FlickrAbout 235 employees in Sprint Corporation’s Reston office will be laid off, says a spokesman for the company.

Sprint notified Virginia officials of the layoffs under the federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act, or WARN Act, spokeswoman Melinda Tiemeyer said.

The company, based in Overland Park, Kan., has about 1,800 employees in the Washington area.

There will also be layoffs at the offices near Kansas City, the Kansas City Star reported. Sprint similarly notified Kansas officials about 452 layoffs among its 7,500 Kansas City employees.

The cutbacks are part of a continuing review of Sprint’s information technology, network, portfolio management and technology groups. The Star reports there may be additional layoffs are expected in Overland Park and in Reston.

Reston became the headquarters of Sprint Nextel Corp. when it formed from the merger of Sprint and Nextel Communications a decade ago. The main headquarters moved from Reston to Overland Park shortly after.

New CEO Marcelo Claure said last year that cost-cutting would be a priority for the wireless company.

A statement from Sprint said:

The layoff notices in Virginia and Overland Park offer only a partial look at Sprint’s job cutbacks. The WARN Act requires notices only under specific circumstances that can leave many job cuts unreported.

Sprint employees who have gotten notices generally will continue to work for two weeks, but some may remain on the job longer. Companies often tie broad layoffs to their financial reporting calendar, and Sprint’s business operates on a fiscal year that ends March 31 rather than Dec. 31.

Job cuts are only one area where the struggling wireless company is trying to cut costs and operate more efficiently. It has been cutting prices for customers, which makes the need to cut costs more evident.

Photo: Sprint Reston Campus/Credit: Reston 2020 via Flickr

  • Worthless You

    Sprint management, corporate sales and engineering all work from home goofing off all day.
    I see them in the Reston gym working out for two hours, take shower and then
    get lunch. Sprint has been losing billions of dollars and customers for 15 years in a row. Sprint is worse than healthcare.gov. Everything has been replace but the worthless employees.

    • CaspianSails

      It seems the only thing worthless here is your post. You observe Sprint employees in the gym two hours everyday and then get lunch? Are you observing the Sprint employees or yourself?

    • TheKingJAK

      That’s the leftover Nextel aspect. Meanwhile, you have Sprint employees busting their chops to make a living, and running through miles of red tape to ever get anything done. It’s a shame, and too many good employees have been lost due to the factors which you’ve mentioned. Best of luck to you through these uncertain times.

  • Worthless You

    Look at the employees under LinkedIn. There are 10 layers of sales and MGT positions.

    • CaspianSails

      Don’t believe everything you see on LinkedIn. Ten layers, I doubt it. At most there is probably a supervisor or manager, maybe a general manager or something like that, a director, a low level VP, a VP of a whole organization and the CEO. That is still seven layers but in most organizations trimming down that may be worst case and the actual layers are less. Unless you have intimate knowledge of the structure it is hard to say. In a large corporation today I would estimate that from the contributor level to the CEO there is somewhere in the neighborhood of five or six levels but the levels past manager have been reduced due to organizational restructuring.

    • TheKingJAK

      Lol, don’t even get me started on all the new layers they recently created. The new owners talk about wanting to streamline everything, yet they added more red tape than ever.


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