Update: Red’s Table Plans February Opening

by Karen Goff November 12, 2014 at 9:30 am 2,101 26 Comments

Red's Table

Construction workers are very busy at the site of the future Red’s Table, the locally owned restaurant that will replace the Lakeside Inn at South Lakes Village Center.

Red’s Table recently added outdoor signage and new, floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Lake Thoreau as part of the renovations.

Co-owner Ryan Tracy says the work is behind schedule. He said earlier he was hoping to be ready to open by November of December. He said on Tuesday he is eying a late January-early February opening.

The Lakeside Inn closed in October 2013 after 22 years in business.

Read more about plans for Red’s Table in this previous Reston Now story.

  • Goldenboy

    Hurry up bro! I’m starving.

  • Mark

    Seriously we can’t wait…we live across the street and would love to have a local spot that is within walking distance.

  • D

    Hopefully they have some pool tables there

    • Robert Mowbray

      Hopefully they won’t have pool tables. My family were frequent patrons of Lakeside Inn. We will not patronize a restaurant with pool tables. Hopefully they will have a good selection of food on theri menu.

      • Mike M

        Pool, which starts with a P, which rhymes with T, and that stands for trouble? Really? What century is this?

        • Tortola

          Hopefully, they last more than a few years. Billiards or not. Too much turnover in the village centers all around. Hopefully, they will have the freaking azaleas at the corner by the Sunoco cut down so the traffic can move more easily with better lines of sight. This place at lunch hour is a traffic nightmare.

          • Mike M

            Agreed. I am rarely there at lunch, but it is crazy and a problem for the businesses.

            I think one of the great stories in Reston is WHY there is so much vacant space. I don’t think the full story has been told. But Reston has addressed it better than anyone else.

          • Karen Goff

            Actually, compared with many communities there is very little vacant space.

          • Mike M

            I think you’ve said this before. I’m not sure upon what you base this comparison. But most “communities” don’t have gaping holes like Tall Oaks and the vacant office space on Sunrise Valley corridor to give two examples.

          • Karen Goff

            Tall Oaks is whole different and very vacant animal. Lots of issues there. Funny thing is, when you mentioned vacant space, i did not even think “tall oaks” because that center is has its own set of issues. I was thinking of the one or two spots in each shopping center, which is not a lot. Looks like Tall Oaks is going to to eventually be something else. Stay tuned.

          • Mike M

            Will do.

        • Robert Mowbray

          I have nothing against pool. I just don’t want it in a restaurant where I go to enjoy a quiet meal with family and friends.

          • Mike M

            Sorry. That was from a musical called The Music Man.

          • Robert Mowbray

            Mike –
            I know where it was from.

          • Mike M

            Good. I wasn’t mocking you. Just an impulse.

  • Restonator

    Goodbye Cafesano…

    • Mike M

      No way. They are doing quite well and this place seems different. I wish them both well.

    • Reston Southie

      Actually good restaurants tend to cluster around one another, Cafesano will be fine.

  • wrxman

    I can’t stop thinking of Reds jail cafeteria in the Series The Orange is the New Black. Lol

    • Karen Goff


  • OpenReston

    Hope this a meeting place for redheads..:)

  • Sue

    Don’t forget the vegan options! 🙂

  • KVW

    I hope that more parking magically appears… although this is usually more of an issue around lunch time. I too live across the street and am more than happy to walk to Red’s for a drink in the evening. I miss Lakeside, and I hope this is a good replacement as my local.

  • peevee

    A whole year for renovation of a restaurant interior? China builds whole cities faster.

  • SouthLakesPatron

    What is the new date for the opening? Seems to me “early February” is already past. I’m chomping at the bit!

    • Karen Goff

      Latest update is March -https://www.restonnow.com/2015/01/14/reds-table-has-well-known-chef-aims-for-march-opening/


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