UPDATE: Teen Charged in Sunday Stabbing at Lake Anne

by Karen Goff December 2, 2014 at 9:00 am 3,041 18 Comments

Yanira Arias-Melendez/Credit: Fairfax County PoliceFairfax County Police have charged Yanira Arias-Melendez, 18, of no fixed address in the Sunday morning stabbing in Reston that left one man hospitalized.

The victim, who police have not identified, was transported to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries to his lower body after he was stabbed following an argument near the Lake Anne Market at 1645 Washington Plaza about 12:23 a.m., police said.

The call to 911 was made by employees of the market, who told police they saw the suspect and victim arguing in the parking lot, said Fairfax County Fire Rescue Capt. Randy Bittinger.

Photo: Yanira Arias-Melendez/Credit: Fairfax County Police

  • Dexter Scott

    A loitering vibrant! Who could have predicted that!

    • steve

      Hey genius, what’s a vibrant?

      • Dexter Scott

        Figure it out, genius.

        • wildcatmack

          what’s a “vibrant”? Please enlighten us.

          • novatom

            I think he means “vagrant”

          • Dexter Scott

            Negative. Many vagrants are vibrants but many are not.

    • Ralph

      No a dreamer.

  • Laura Calacci


    I submitted a comment that seems to have been deleted?

    • Karen Goff

      No. they are all here. Sometimes they get stuck in the mod queue and it takes me a minute to get to them if I step away from my computer.

      • Laura Calacci

        Thanks K…

  • CE
  • That’s easy

    They can be deported to a different portion of America — one in need of warm bodies to pick up trash and repair roads — or institutionalized.

    The existence of native-born social parasites is hardly a good argument for tolerating — or actively facilitating — the presence of foreign social parasites.

    You can have a welfare state or open borders, but not both.

  • Laura Calacci

    I’d still bet on illegal alien. I’d like to find out how to file a Freedom of Information Act request to the county on the immigration status of those arrested weekly in the county. Not all homeless people go around stabbing other people. And again, if there are homeless people hanging out at Lake Anne Plaza stabbing people, that is not likely to promote business to the shops or restaurants.

    • Dexter Scott

      Not to worry. She probably stabbed her boyfriend because he spent her drug money on cigarettes, or stabbed a customer for her “exotic” services who refused to pay. Once we know for sure that it wasn’t a homeless person randomly stabbing people, but only a homeless person engaged in the ignoble petty criminality typical of such folk, everyone will relax and continue shopping and eating at the plaza as they normally do.

      What joy to live in such a vibrant community, where the vibrants behave so vibrantly!

    • Terry Maynard

      I’ll bet it doesn’t matter what you bet.
      It doesn’t matter if she is an illegal alien, a resident alien, or a native American.
      It doesn’t matter if she is Hispanic, Black, White or some other race or ethnicity.
      It doesn’t matter if she is homeless or ill–physically or mentally.
      It DOES matter whether the young woman acted in self-defense or not which is not addressed in this article.
      So, I’ll wait for our flawed law enforcement, judicial, health care, and immigration system to take its course rather than rely on your prejudicial bet.

  • east297

    Mental health facilities closed in VA…why? They could be harboring some of the homeless.

  • RestonLyons

    The police should be congratulated.

  • Gene Hunt

    Terry is one of the people making Reston better, not. I’m glad I moved out of Reston, the demise of Lakeside Inn, the transformation of South Lakes Shopping center into an overcrowded place that did not serve the local community, while Tall Oaks, Lake Anne continue to erode are just some of the reasons Reston is headed down the wrong path. It’s a shame and I’m still angry about it, they continue to ruin the place I called home for more than 25 years, the only good news is a I got out while my property value was still high.


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