BREAKING: Reston Town Center Wells Fargo Robbed

by Karen Goff December 10, 2014 at 3:33 pm 4,926 35 Comments

Fairfax County Police Fairfax County Police are searching for a suspect who robbed the Wells Fargo Bank at 11911 Freedom Dr. at Reston Town Center on Wednesday.

Police said a man entered the bank at 1:52 p.m. and told a teller he had a weapon. He took cash and fled.

Witnesses told police the suspect was a black man, about 6-foot-1 and in his late 20s or early 30s.

Police are trying to determine whether the robbery is connected to another one in Reston two weeks ago or two that occurred in the McLean District in the last week.

Reston Now will add additional details as we get them.

  • Hands up, don’t shoot.

    • Mike M

      Oh no one did and the lil weasle got away. I wonder where he’ll show up next?

      So whatchoo fussin bout?

  • Noelle

    That’s my bank… Scary.

  • Arja Sahramaa

    My bank, too; I hope all the nice people there are alright. Wondering, though, where he/they parked since the short-term spots in front of the bank are pretty much always full…

  • Olsona82

    Welcome Metro….

    • Adam Petersen

      Really? So every crime committed since the metro opened is because of the metro?

      • Daisychain

        Someone with common sense and actual knowledge. I concur with all you said.

      • Jaz

        Not every crime, but haivng lived next to a metro stop for 16 years in Alexandria before coming to Reston, I can tell you without reservation that the metro does bring in more crime. I was personally not a fan of the metro coming here for that reason–but it’s here and we will deal with it. But don’t kid yourself into believing it isn’t part of the problem.

  • Maybe Reston needs a police force…and especially the
    town center. I do not think there is another town in Virginia this size that
    does not have its own police. A Virginia town that I grew up in had 1,220
    people and it had its two man police force…did not depend on the county. And
    I think that Herndon and Vienna have their own police forces.
    Let’s see how many robberies etc. have we had in the past month? A couple of dozen I would think. A friend was walking in the town center to dinner a few weeks ago and was
    knocked down and both arms were broken by someone who was apparently drunk and angry.At least the Town Center needs a police force. And now with the coming of the
    Metro to the town center we will see a crisis. Now is the time to do something.
    This is just the beginning…and it is going to get worse.

    • Adam Petersen

      Reston has a police force. Its called Fairfax County Police and is one of the biggest and most pwerful county police forces in the country. Do you realize the Fairfax police station is all of 2 blocks from the bank robbed? Fairfax PD always has at least one officer at the town center. If that doesn’t deter a crime how would Reston having their own 2 person force?

      • OpenReston

        It’s apparently not enough, RTC has had a lot of increased crime and maybe the FFX Co. Reston force is not big enough anymore, to cover all of Reston.

      • Well Vienna is much smaller than Reston and is a part of Fairfax County and it hasits own police force.see the link below they have 6 officers in the administration not counting the regular patrol officers. And Herndon is much smaller than Reston too and is in Fairfax County and it has its own police force. Both of these forces have a very good working relationship with the Fairfax County police force as they have with the Virginia State Police.
        And the country town I grew up in had 1,000 residents we have almost 70,000 inReston now. Do not throw up smoke screens you know we have no police in theTown Center…some unarmed security personnel. That is all.

        Please no more
        smoke screens.

        See lthis Vienna link: http://www.viennava.gov/index.aspx?NID=178

        • Adam Petersen

          First things first. Reston is not a town. Herndon and Vienna are towns and that is why they have their own police forces. In order to become a town we would have to incorporate to become one which means we would also have to create our own governanace. I am all for incorporating for all the benefits not just your own police force but have zero desire to just hire a few of our own cops. If we become a town expect our taxes to raise.

          Having our own police force does not mean we will have more cops on duty in Reston. While Fairfax County, Vienna, and Herndon police forces “have a working relationship” that doesn’t mean those towns have twice as much police presence. Once you provide your own police force they become responsible for patrolling your town. While they will provide support on large projects and assist on a call when needed, they will not be patrolling here anymore.When was the last time you saw a Fairfax County cop shooting radar in either of those towns? Never. You rarely even see Fairfax cops in those towns. Our cost for police will go up with little to no positive impact. Be prepared for much higher taxes.

          I think Reston should become a city. Then all our tax dollars stay here in Reston.

          If we really want to reduce crime we should heavily focus on the problem neighborhoods. Why don’t we encourage the developers to tear down and rebuild the bad neighborhoods and not neighborhoods that arent the problem or our golf course.

          Please explain how I am putting up smoke screens.

          • Southie

            Adam, I sincerely hope you’ll consider running for the RA Board this year. Reston needs board members who are intelligent, thoughtful and well-informed.

          • HillGirl

            tear down bad neighborhoods? where will all those people go? all the people in those neighborhodds are not criminals. Some of the worst criminals live on LAWYERS ROAD. Criminals come from all walks of life not just from low income neighborhoods.

      • jvb11

        Reston would be better served with a local police force based in Reston. It would not be a two-person force. Herndon currently has 55 sworn police officers and 16 civilian members. Fairfax PD has good officers, but they are rotated a fair amount and not devoted to Reston alone. This is what is needed. If we had a dedicated force like Herndon, we would likely have more law enforcement presence dedicated just to Reston.

        • Juli Vermillion

          With nothing better to do but sit around giving out tons of low level traffic tickets because they don’t have enough to do. Thank you no. Be careful what you ask for.

          • OpenReston

            If you haven’t seen the Fairfax Co. Reston police out giving tickets on side streets already, you’re not paying much attention. I don’t mind more police, as I’m not breaking the law.

          • Juli Vermillion

            Sure they do, but not normally for crap like going a mile over the speed limit…which happens in Vienna and Herndon. I don’t mind police at all– just bored forces without enough to do.

    • taffytoo

      no doubt…unfortunately

  • jvb11

    i agree. Reston does need its own police force. The County does not cut it for our unique needs. If Herndon and Vienna can have one, we should too. That would likely require converting us to a municipality which I think is long overdue. It is a good bank, with good people. Sorry this had to happen. Reston Town Center tends to get dangerous or iffy during the holiday season for the last few years.

    • OpenReston

      agree, and the RTC could hire additional security as well. Sounds like we’ve had a few issues over the last couple months there.

    • Juli Vermillion

      And who pays for this police force? I personally think Fairfax Co PD does a great job and have NO desire to pay more taxes to cover a service I already pay for.

      • Theresa Walker Burns

        Agreed. No double taxes. Fairfax does a great job.

        • John Farrell

          If Reston were a city, there wouldn’t be double taxation. And the police force wouldn’t stonewall investigations of police shootings of unarmed civilians as is being done currently in the John Geer case.

          • Juli Vermillion

            I believe the most Reston could get would be a township. Talk to Vienna and Herndon about the additional tax they pay. No police force is perfect, and envisioning one that doesn’t exist yet tends to idealize it. FCPD is one of the best in the country–but that doesn’t mean they don’t have some issues. They have always responded quickly and professionally when I have needed them.

          • John Farrell

            For exactly the reason stated, I would oppose town status. City or nothing.

            FCPD is nothing like the one of the best forces in the country. Wouldn’t find them listed in the top 25. They have a terrible closer rate on their caseload.

          • Jaz

            There is a lot involved with becoming a City–and I don’t believe one has been founded since before the Civil War in Virginia. You have to set up your government, take responsibility for your schools and road maintenance (to include paying for it all…) and many other nuances. At least 3 cities in VA have converted to Towns because they couldn’t afford to keep operating. So be very careful what you ask for–because I don’t think anyone in this area is all that interested in doing (or paying for) all of that. If we feel we need more or better policing in Reston, we should be petitioning Fairfax County to provide more. AND demanding that they be held to an acceptable standard, if they are not up to snuff.

          • John Farrell

            Falls Church became a city in 1948. Fairfax became a city in 1961. Both of which were long after the Civil War.

            None of the Va. cities that gave up their chater had Reston’s tax base or 60,000 citizens.

            Fairfax City has a contract with the County School Board to run the city’s schools.

            As a locality of 60,000 in a County of 1.2 million, there is no reason to believe Reston will ever get the level of service from the County that we could get from a Reston City government.

      • John Farrell

        Really, ask John Geer what great job FCDC does.

  • Grizzle

    I’ve read somewhere that you’re actually more likely to get away from robbing a bank located in a public, crowded area than you are a bank in a remote area. The more people the easier it is to disappear in plain sight. RTC is quite literally a little ‘make-believe downtown’ with people there at all times during the day.

    Yes, there is a police station not more than a half mile away and most likely officers on patrol within the vicinity, but if this robbery was like most others I bet you that it took place very quickly, maybe a minute or two at most and I bet the call to the police didn’t go out until after he fled.

  • Guesthouse

    Typical Reston residents lmao

  • bobfv1

    A Reston police force would not prevent bank robberies. Look at the number of bank robberies in Vienna, where the cops are busy writing tickets for illegal left turns and 26 MPH in a 25 zone. FCPD has a huge station right in the middle of Reston. The only way to stop bank robberies is through specific deterrence and prevention. Armed guard in the bank? Locked door requiring buzz in? Put the tellers behind ballistic glass? All of these things are commonly used as deterrents in large cities. I do not know if Wells Fargo has an effective strategy for dealing with robberies, but I know from experience, some other banks in the area do not, including policies which intentionally delay use of the silent alarm.


    I am sure ResTowns finest, DePew, Matzke and the other punk cop were busy infringing upon the rights of someone else. Tearing down low income housing is not the answer. Where will these people go? How about providing enough jobs so that people wont have to rob banks??

  • Will Hunting

    In a somewhat related link, we find hostile ideologue Louis Michael Seidman viciously attacking our sacred Constitution & Bill of Rights: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/professor-take-our-country-back-from-the-constitution/


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