Fill This Space: Reston’s Former Visitors Center

by Karen Goff January 26, 2015 at 11:00 am 10 Comments

Tetra Building in Reston/Courtesy of Tetra It’s a 3,200-square-foot building in a lush lakeside setting. It’s the former Reston Visitors Center, and Reston Association is considering purchasing it for community use.

RA voted at its regular meeting on Thursday to send the idea to a community referendum, and ultimately RA members will decide whether to add the multi-million dollar building and the surrounding 2.5 acres to its holdings.

The building, which overlooks Lake Newport and is adjacent to Brown’s Chapel Park and Lake Newport Tennis, operated as Reston’s Visitors Center from 1982 to 2003. It currently is office space for commercial real estate firm Tetra Partners. It is currently undergoing an appraisal to determine the purchase price, RA board members said.

The property at 1145 Baron Cameron Ave. is currently designated in the Reston Master Plan as a convenience center (mix of commercial, office and limited retail). However, RA has recommended in the Master Plan Phase 2 draft that the convenience center designation be removed and the parcel be limited to office or community use.

So tell us in the comments — What do you see for the property? What uses could the existing building and surrounding area have for RA and the members?

Photo: Tetra building at 11450 Baron Cameron Ave./Tetra file photo

  • LC

    I live right by this place and walk by it almost everyday. I’ve always wanted a restaurant with outdoor seating on that deck there…it’s definitely the best waterview in Reston.

    • Greg

      I agree. There are very few restaurants in that part of Reston. Keeps the property on the tax rolls, too.

  • LC

    Oh and limiting it to office use for the RA does nothing for anyone else in the community. Just gives them a nice place to work

  • east297

    RA Just like Fairfax Co,,,wants to be a land baron! More HO fees!!!

  • ParcReston condo owner

    Why doesn’t RA think more about reducing our annual fee than spending MORE and MORE $$$$!!! Ditto land baron association — poor leadership!

    • AG in Reston

      Couldn’t agree with you more

  • Restonian

    We have hundreds of wonderful restaurants in Reston and Herndon. Let’s leave the tiny residential Lake Newport alone. The residents who sit out on their decks near the restaurants on Lake Thoreau say they can’t relax or hear each other talk because of all the music and noise and clanking and slamming as noise is amplified and carried across water.

    • Vina Hutchinson

      If Reston ever chooses to change its name, NIMBY should be at the top of the list.

    • Greg

      Hundreds? And they are all wonderful? How about sharing a list of 10. No more; just ten.

  • Reston Member

    I smell a rat. It will become the executive offices of The Reston Association. Time to get the Board and those running for the Board to commit in public that RA executive staff will never occupy this space.


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