Why Did This Reston Business’s Sign Disappear?

by Karen Goff March 26, 2015 at 11:00 am 2,612 6 Comments

Now you see it. Now you don’t.

Several Reston Now readers have inquired as to why the sign for the forthcoming Red’s Table restaurant at South Lakes Village Center was up for months — only to be taken down down last week.

Red’s Table is still on track to open, but has encountered several delays in the process.

Ryan Tracy, one of the trio of Reston-raised brothers who own the restaurant, told Reston Now last month that they discovered an unexpected structural issue in the building that formerly housed Lakeside Inn for 22 years.

Red's TableRepairs involve the building’s roof, so the sign had to come down in order to access it, said Tracy.

The issues were a frustrating delay, said Tracy. Red’s Table had planned to open this month (which in itself was a delay of several months). Tracy and his brothers Matt and Pat have been working on the project for more than a year. They have hired a well-known chef and were in the midst of hiring other staffers when the issue was discovered.

Opening has now been pushed back to summer, said Ryan Tracy.

And look for the sign to go back up when the repairs are complete.

  • I know from friends that often opening a business like this is not easy! I’ll be very happy when this place finally opens and hoping to patronize it as often as I can afford to as the location is great, especially for us (walking distance), but also because of the lake view, and really ANYTHING would be an improvement over the previous restaurant’s food! 🙂

    • Steven

      Totally agree with that comment. Bring us good food, and we’ll come running.

  • mathis

    Just plain incompetence on time of construction, sounds like the Firemarshall flagged the problem at permit to open time. Sad.

    • Mike M

      Did somebody miss a payment?

  • Greg

    Still miss Blue Channel Inn.

  • Mike M

    Good to know. I thought the whole plan fell through.


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