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Northern Virginia Pimp ‘2 Much’ Sentenced to 40 Years

by Karen Goff May 1, 2015 at 12:00 pm 1,410 15 Comments

Lenny Haskins/Credit: Las Vegas PDA Las Vegas man who pleaded guilty to prostituting teenage girls in Reston, Herndon and other parts of Northern Virginia, has been sentenced to 40 years in prison, federal authorities said.

Authorities said Lenny Paul “2 Much” Haskins, 34, had been operating in Northern Virginia for nearly a decade. He pleaded guilty to sex trafficking in U.S. District Court in Alexandria in January.

The charge Haskins pleaded to took place in Herndon last summer. Authorities said in June 2014, Haskins encountered two teens at a hotel near Sacramento, Calif. The girls, ages 15 and 17, were runaways from foster care. Haskins provided marijuana and eventually recruited them to prostitute for him. Once he recruited them, Haskins performed sex acts with the victims, officials said.

In August 2014, Haskins instructed the victims to take a bus to Herndon for the purposes of being prostituted there. Haskins arranged for advertisements to be posted on the Internet site www.Backpage.com to obtain sex customers for the juveniles.

The juveniles sent prostitution proceeds to Haskins using various money transfer businesses. The Las Vegas Police Department arrested Haskins in August 2014 but he continued to call the victims and give them directions from jail, authorities said.

Authorities said Haskins frequently provided drugs to the women and girls whom he prostituted. He instructed the women and girls whom he prostituted to call him “Daddy.” Some of the women prostituted by Haskins were tattooed with Haskins’s moniker “2 Much,” according to the FBI.

The FBI said Haskins set a monetary quota that the victims whom he prostituted were required to meet each day. For example, in some places, Haskins required these women and girls to earn $1,000 per day from prostitution, and provide him with these proceeds. After Haskins was incarcerated, he continued to run his prostitution business from jail.

Haskins had faced a maximum penalty of life imprisonment. After his 40-year sentence, he will have a life term of supervised release. The court also ordered Haskins to pay $538,250 in restitution to the victims and to forfeit $738,250 to the United States.

Haskins was also arrested in Nevada in 2012 in connection with the drowning of a child. At the time he had fugitive warrants from California for assault and parole violation, Virginia for assault and prostitution charges, and Texas for larceny charges.

Earlier this week, Haskins’ girlfriend, who was located with her 3-year-old son, was arrested at the Crowne Plaza Herndon. Geidre Ruseckaite, 24, was charged by Fairfax County Police with child neglect, prostitution and keeping a bawdy place. Federal authorities also had been looking for Ruseckaite in connection with the prostitution of the 15-year-old in Herndon.

Photo: Lenny Haskins/Credit: Las Vegas PD

  • Mike M

    Such a vicious little bottom feeder. Given that he continued to misbehave from jail, I see capital punishment as the only solution. I hope he fails to live out his next 5 years. Unfortunately, he may become a prince behind bars.

  • Chuck Morningwood

    What if they were your daughters, Haskins? What if they were your daughters?

    • Ming the Merciless

      “I be pimpin’ them out, too.”

      • B mike

        Your a pathetic piece of just like the one in this article

    • Mike M

      He probably doesn’t know any of his daughters, so . . . they could be! Not sure he’d care much.

  • john

    seems like a real “class A” piece of shit…”2 much” will have 40 years to think abut things

  • PlacidAir MoonBat

    If he pled guilty to this, what the hell else did they have hanging over his head?

    • Mike M

      This is exaclty what I thought. Either his Defender buffaloed him. Or, . . . what else could it be? It’s not like 40 years is so much better than life that you don’t go down without a fight. On the other hand, he seems to do well in jail.

  • Vina Hutchinson

    “2 Much”? Sounds like the feds didn’t give him enough prison time!

  • Polly Parker

    Creepy and disgusting.

  • don silvester

    Da man just sellin da.booty, no underage ya sick.bastid.

  • I know that man from drug deals I was forced to perform in Georgetown South. My last “boyfriend” Curtis Stafford fled to Vegas after my memories started to break through. I was forced by Ellen A. and Tim B. and her cronies to turn “Byrd” Larry Williams into my new “Pimp.” He obliged.

  • I have went to the Police after being assaulted 2 years ago…There will be a hit out on my life soon and there isn’t anyone to turn too. I was 11 years old in the town of Manassas when this game started. My brother John Sipe just got out of Prison for selling Marijuana, but the people who did this to me are free. They send us out as kids to recruit victims so we blame each other, but the head Madam had me one on one with the Wizard of Oz. “Blondes go First” When she sent in the blacks as Johns she let us know this was “Immigration in the Trailer Park” Gaskins was part of this crew and one of the Johns I was forced to sleep with. I was forced to have men tattooed after sleeping with them to “Mark Them”

  • Key names Ellen Abel her brother Chris, Tim Beckowitz, Denise Gibson. I pulled Shawn Egan, Jessica Graham, Melanie Hogan into the game by just falling for the lies we will be “famous” taken out of the trailer park. All we were was forced into addiction and sold like cattle in the Trailer Park and then Georgetown South in Manassas.

  • Byrd protected me from 2Much


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