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Stratton Woods Park Getting New Outdoor Racquetball Courts

by Karen Goff May 8, 2015 at 3:30 pm 8 Comments

(Edited 8 p.m. Friday to correct ribbon cutting date. The correct date is May 16)

The Fairfax County Park Authority will dedicate new outdoor racquetball and handball courts at Reston’s Stratton Woods Park on Saturday, May 16.

The $644,000 project includes the installation of a lighted racquetball and handball court complex, relocation of the volleyball court, demolition of one basketball court, as well as site improvements and landscaping, the park authority says.

This courts were largely financed through revenues from an onsite cell phone monopole. Cell phone companies pay leasing fees to schools and parks in return for being able to add a tower on the property.

In FCPA parks that have monopoles, revenue received is reinvested in the parks, with 30 percent going to the park authority Natural Resource program, said FCPA Board Chair Bill Bouie. Last year over $250,000 was generated for the Natural Resource programs at the Park Authority, he said.

The ribbon cutting ceremony will take place on May 16 at 10 a.m. at Stratton Woods Park, 2431 Fox Mill Rd.  The public is invited to hear remarks, enjoy light refreshments and observe a demonstration by nationally-ranked players from the Ladies Professional Racquetball Tour and the United States Racquetball Association.

“These new courts give us a competitive facility for those of us who love racquetball and handball,” said Bouie, who is a Reston resident and a nationally-ranked racquetball player. “I am thrilled we could make that happen with such a first-class facility.”

“However, for Supervisor Cathy Hudgins and myself, the real pleasure is in seeing Stratton Woods Park built-out to its full master plan specs and knowing that the great majority of the funding to do so came from proffers and telecom fees and not taxes.”

  • LakeNewportGuy

    wow I hope some of that money is left to build back walls on the racquetball courts. Have they even played the sport? You kind of need that wall….

    • Arielle in NoVA

      I was wondering about that myself, having played racquetball with my dad when I was a kid and being a lousy shot more often than would be good for those courts…

    • JoeInReston

      Seriously, how is that supposed to work if a wall is missing? We must be missing something.

  • LeftPolitico

    Hmmm, $644,000 for racquetball courts for what seems to be a pet project of Park Authority Board Chairman Bill Bouie, who happens to be a nationally-ranked racquetball player. It must be nice to be able to spend that much money to add facilities for a sport you love. What else could that money have been spent on?

    • What me worry

      that would buy a lot of Bocce courts 🙂

  • ItsNotMyMoney

    If we have to buy that Tetra property, it would be “a good idea” to add a bunch of those cell towers to it to offset the $650,000 being squandered on it.

  • Greg

    “This courts were largely financed through revenues from an onsite cell phone monopole.”

    Exactly how much project funding came from this source?
    Where did the remainder of the funds come from?
    How much will it cost to light and maintain the courts?

  • JealousOregonian

    These are outdoor racquetball courts, which unlike the mote familiar indoor courts don’t have a ceiling or back wall. It makes for a fast paced game – great cardio for all skill levels!


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