Couple Surprised by Intruder in Reston Burglary

by Karen Goff May 20, 2015 at 10:40 am 5,986 28 Comments

police line1A husband and wife on Triple Crown Road in Reston were the victims of a burglary Tuesday evening — while they were home.

Fairfax County Police said the call came in about 10:05 p.m. The couple told police they were in the lower level of their single family home when they heard footsteps above.

The couple went upstairs to find an unknown man leaving through the sliding glass door, said police spokeswoman Lucy Caldwell.

Police called out the K9 unit and the helicopter, and a search for the suspect in the Glade Drive area ensued.

The suspect, who got away with cash and some other household items, has not yet been located. The homeowners were not injured, Caldwell said.

Police said the intruder may have entered through an unlocked door, so FCPD wants to remind residents to always keep doors locked and their eyes open.

  • guy

    Any description on the suspect?

    • Ming the Merciless

      A misunderstood yoot with undeveloped frontal lobes, so he didn’t know right from wrong, who was just trying to provide for his family but was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

      None of us has any right to judge him!

      • guy

        How dare we judge him on his past?

        • WhoIsJohnGalt

          You don’t know him

          • Suspects_Cousin

            The police and the new people is lying. Unless you were there you don’t kno the whole story.

          • Grammer_Police

            “The police and the new people ARE lying.”

            “Police” and “The new people” are Compound Subjects, and therefore should be used with the verb “ARE” not “IS”.

          • Greg

            Remember, GP, periods always appear inside quotation marks… “IS.”

          • Suspects_Cousin

            We don’t care what the word is. The police IS lying. The police ARE lying. They are just trying to make an innocent man look guilty.

    • WhoIsJohnGalt

      Most likely this poor individual was under the age of 25 so he did not understand right from wrong. If it comes out this youth had a long “rap sheet” we are not to judge for we must show compassion.

      If you were to ask the mother she would implore you to show mercy and explain he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and most likely on his way to church

    • Greg

      The perp prolly lives @ Shadowood.

  • meh

    “FCPD wants to remind residents to always keep doors locked, their eyes open and guns loaded.”

  • Wings!!

    I just feel like if Reston had a Hooters, their would be less crime in South Reston.

    • Ricky Spanish

      Liberal, Conservative, Criminal, Non-Criminal, and even Ken Plum could come together over a plate of wings and frosty beverage at Hooters. If only Reston had a Hooters #HootersForReston

    • meh

      maybe the youth of today are not consuming enough protein to support normal frontal lobe development due to the new “healthier” school lunch program started by the first lady. All you can eat wings in every school cafeteria could be the solution to a lower crime rate.

    • Juli Vermillion

      Who needs Hooters when we have The Buffalo Wing Factory?

    • novatom

      Better than having a Twin Peaks, that’s for sure!

  • Frank the Tank

    I bet the suspect escaped on a stolen elementary school bike.

  • Norm Happ

    I used to stay in a motel in Merced, CA that had a sign: “Lock your doors, don’t tempt the mortals”.

  • mdcoon127

    Perhaps the rise in crime events in Reston is related to the Silver Line…

    • HealthyAtEverySize

      A bit, but the section 8 housing sure doesn’t help

      • east297

        And more coming to Lake Anne!

  • Paulette Lincoln-Baker

    Come on, people. Have some common sense. Lock your doors. Crime has been so bad here in Reston lately, I don’t see how anyone can have any excuses now. And you have to wonder why this is happening so often? Perhaps the perps now our police force is practically nonexistent and so they can get away with it? I don’t buy it for a second that the new Metro has anything to do with it. Who the hell would take the time to travel out to Reston just to commit crimes? What did they do, steal the Smarttrip cards too? No, this trouble has always been here, but when trouble sees that the police can’t do anything or are never around, trouble is going to raise its ugly head again and again.


      I called Cathy Hudgins office today to inquire about what she is doing in regards to the uptick in crime. They act like they haven’t heard a thing about it. They know nothing. She is a pathetic excuse for a public official, and also she is a Reston resident. What does it take to get more than lip service from these people? Oh yea, and she voted to give herself a huge pay raise.

      • Greg

        And she built herself a fancy Taj Mahal office block shared with the cops. She should not have to go far to hear what’s going on in Reston. The new digs, however, are far larger than the old one (and for what’s needed) so perhaps she’s too far removed to know (or care) what’s going on.

    • Juli Vermillion

      Actually, many would travel out to this target rich environment. When I lived in Alexandria, they would get off the metro, Jack a car from the parking lot or a nearby neighborhood, do a few break ins and head back to the city where they would either dump the car or sell it to a chop shop. I’ve lived here 11 years now, and there has been a significant increase. I would love to see police stats on it personally. And this place is target rich precisely because people feel so safe out here. And there must not be a real shortage of police, because when I got home there were 4 or 5 police cars responding to this incident, which was just down the street.

      • John Higgins

        Go to the county’s site; select Departments, then Poice. “What’s Happening in Your Neighborhood” opens a tool where you set the geographic area and date range, and it will return a list of police events.

      • Mike M

        Police respond to these incidents.
        Loaded guns in trained hands answer them.

      • novatom

        I was robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight on Duke St. in Alexandria in 1996. The guys drove up beside me and pointed a gun at me. They were caught two hours later but they had committed a string of robberies in DC for the previous two weeks and this was their first excursion into Virginia. And they got caught… woo hoo!


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