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FCPD Breaks Down Hunters Woods-Area Car Break-ins

by Karen Goff May 29, 2015 at 4:20 pm 1,228 11 Comments

police line1Fairfax County Police said that the string of car break-ins along Glade Drive near Hunters Woods Village Center has abated in the last several weeks.

Speaking at a community meeting at Reston Community Center Hunters Woods on Thursday, Lt. Lance Schaible said there were 20 larcenies in the area in April and only four in May.

Police said they recently arrested two adults on stolen credit card charges. Since those two suspects entered custody, nearby larceny incidents have also plummeted, they said.

While those suspects were adults, car break-ins are most often crimes of opportunity committed by teenagers, Schaible said.

“Larcenies generally occur in areas where lots of people (and cars) are close together,” he said. “It occurs near all shopping centers in Reston. Those are also areas with a quick getaway.”

Occasionally, suspects will break windows to get at something of value, such as a phone or a laptop case, police said. But in most instances, they will just go down a row of cars trying to see if any are unlocked.

Police said citizens should double check that car doors are locked. They said a surprising number of people think they have locked the car doors, but in the hurry to get bags, kids and other things into the house, they often have not locked.

They also reminded people to never leave valuables in the car. Even if you are running into your house for a minute, always take your purse, phone, work bag and other valuables.

One resident in attendance asked officers if Metro’s Silver Line is to blame for any crime increase in the area.

Schaible said that has not been proven “because Metro is here but there is nothing around it.” Crime tends to be where people congregate, he added.

However, as development and population continues to grow around Reston’s eventual two Metro stations, staffing and policing needs will be reassessed, Hunter Mill Supervisor Cathy Hudgins said.

“The station is going to be strained,” she said. “It is a fact we are going to need staff.”

  • HealthyAtEverySize

    Got to love blaming the victim, “You know if you locked your doors you’d be fine…”

    • Snark Dreck

      SilverLine Metro isn’t the cause of this uptick in Reston crimes? How politically CORRECT!

      • novatom

        I doubt Metro is much to blame. Hunters Woods is more than a mile away from the metro. Why haven’t communities closer to the metro been affected? Why would they venture all the way over to Hunters Woods when the residences around the golf course are closer?

        • Greg


          • novatom

            These crimes are property related, Much more valuable property closer to the metro.

    • June Smith

      Many of the thefts from cars ARE the direct result of people not locking their cars. A recent home invasion was possible because the rear sliding door was unlocked.

      There is a difference between BEING a victim and being careless and CREATING an opportunity for people to take advantage of the situation.

      FCPD does an excellent job protecting our county — but they can only be in so many places at one time. as citizens we also need to do our part to remove the opportunities [by criminals] in our communities


    Hudgins is useless. “It is a fact we are going to need staff”. Brilliant. She really deserves that big pay raise she voted to give herself.

  • David C. Crocker

    The meeting went well over two hours, with senior police officers in attendance to meet a good size crowd of us that turned out to engage in a fruitful discussion of crime in our neighborhood. Those of us in attendance really appreciated Ms. Hudgins and the officers making this a productive community meeting wherein we discussed incidents, stats, short and long term issues, and policy.

    • Mike M

      What was productive and good about it?

      • David C. Crocker

        Please excuse me…been busy. The presentation and discussion covered neighborhood crime incidents in detail, answering residents’ questions and allaying some of their fear. Police reported that they tentatively (at the time) believed they caught the perps responsible for a number of car break-ins, as well as the disposition of some violent offenders. We discussed Reston infrastructure such as poor lighting over sidewalks and pathways, improving pedestrian road crossings, and the impact of Metro. Several HOA reps were in attendance, and we were able to meet and talk about these issues together afterwards…so it was a productive meeting for the public good.

  • susie

    This is why Georgetown has always fought against a Metro stop


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