Reston, VA

Compost Bin/Kitchen Compost Bins of LakelandDon’t throw away coffee grounds, corn husks, fruit peels and other earth-friendly refuse. Bring them to Reston Farmers Market at Lake Anne Saturday mornings.

Reston Environmental Action (REACT) is collecting scraps next to the kettle corn stand. Either bring them in a container to empty into the bin, or place scraps in “If You Care” compostable bags, (which can be purchased at Whole Foods, MOMs Organic Market or Harris Teeter) and place the whole bag in the bin.

The scraps are picked up by District Compost and taken to a commercial composting facility, where they will be turned into compost that will be broken down into soil enrichment for other gardeners and farmers.

Here’s what’s compostable:

  • Fruit and vegetables (such as apple cores, banana peels, melon rinds, corn husks, coconut shells, potato peels, squash seeds, stems and peels, etc.)
  • coffee grounds and filters
  • tea bags (remove metal staples from the bag and/or tag)
  • nut shells
  • onions and garlic
  • crushed egg shells

Photo: Compost Bin/Kitchen Compost Bins of Lakeland


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