Monday Morning Rundown

by Karen Goff July 27, 2015 at 8:30 am 10 Comments

Lake Audubon

Inmate Treatment Review — After the in-custody death of Natasha McKenna earlier this year, Fairfax County Sheriff’s are re-evaluating how to treat mentally ill inmates. [NBC Washington]

Disability Reform Time? — A Justice Department report says Virginia is not being serious enough about efforts to comply with court-ordered reforms to its program for people with disabilities. [Washington Post]

Public Transportation 101 — New to Metro’s Silver Line? Learn the basics at a workshop Friday, July 31, 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. at Reston Community Center Lake Anne. Learn how to ride a Reston bus to the Silver Line, determine fares, purchase fare cards, load SmarTrip cards, read system maps, and board trains. Free. Register at restoncommunitycenter.com or call 703-476-4500. [RCC]

  • Emmanuel Goldstein
    • Sheik Yerbouti

      Drug addicts and the mentally ill should be removed from society and stripped of civil liberties until they are proven to clean or stable on meds and be monitored. Only simpletons bleat about gun control laws as the end all to violence.

      • Emmanuel Goldstein

        It’s a shame that METRO is full of the mentally ill.

        • Chuck Morningwood

          It’s a shame that, as a country, we don’t provide enough care for our mentally ill.

          • TrollHuner

            It’s a shame that people continue to feed the geese which frequent Reston’s lakes, it encourages them to return and it just pollutes the water with their endless poo.

            It’s a shame people continue to feed the trolls which frequent Reston’s local news blog. it encourages them to return and it just pollutes the comments with their endless poo.

          • Mister T

            Next time you come around them parts watch out cuz ma gonna steal more than just one letter. In fact I ll have the whole A team ready to take you down. Better take care d-u-d-e

          • Chuck Morningwood

            Troll much?

      • The Donald

        Totally agree with Sheik we should remove 1 of 4, or however many crazies are out there. Enfact, prolly n33d to quadruple the size of DHS and also, create another higher level of government to watch the watchers cuz you never know. And hey, if we have some aggressives ones, by all means let’s send them to the Coca Cola Brigade we have trained and ready to go in Syria. Ad for the.meds, let’s turn that state of Colorado into a sanctuary and let them have their automatic rifles. Hold on, final thought, oh yeah, we need a wall. And when you get a chance take your pencils and mark X, ere.

  • Ricky Spanish

    From the Silver Line you can make your way to the Twinbrook Metro station on the Red, or Gallery Place/Chinatown on the Yellow… Then walk to Hooters.

  • Headless Ned Stark

    Jon Snow may be gone, but Jon Targaryen may rise.


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