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Police: Two Cars Stolen From Becontree Lane

by Karen Goff July 30, 2015 at 11:05 am 4 Comments

Becontree Lane

Fairfax County Police said two cars were stolen from the 1600 block of Becontree Lane earlier this week.

The thefts were reported to Fairfax County Police on Tuesday. One car was a 2002 Toyota. The other was a 2012 Toyota Corolla.

The Reston District Station also reported a burglary in the 1900 block of Crescent Park Drive on Tuesday. A resident reported someone went into the garage about 4 p.m. and took property.

In other police news:


2100 block of Enright Place, wallet from residence

1600 block of Parkcrest Circle, bicycle from residence

2000 block of Royal Fern Court, packages from business

  • Sheik Yerbouti

    Take the silver line in, help yourself to a car! Once safe suburban residents have yet to adapt to their new city life style, and keep the cars and front doors unlocked. Lean forward and embrace the progress!

    • GB

      Yup, that’s probably what happened. People get on the train in DC, go through Foggy Bottom, past George Town, through Arlington, through Tysons and got off in Reston. Then they got on the bus, and took it 2 miles north. All of that so that they could get that big pay-day with 2002 and 2012 Toyotas. Yup, that’s probably what happened.

      • reston

        Right. That, or some thugs growing up in a Section 8 apartment, who’ve never met their daddy, and their mommy lets them do whatever, because “they be good boys”, took it for a joy ride.

    • 2ndBreakfast

      I have noticed for some time now that there is a need for an “anger translator” for several of the usual suspects who post comments on this site,and so I will try to interpret for Sheik Yerbouti:

      “I am a troll, who enjoys posting on any story and making veiled bigoted and/or racist comments. You can tell I have nothing to add to the discussion when I post something as idiotic as this.”


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