Reston, VA

RA pools/Credit: RSTA

Every weekday in August, Reston Now will be offering suggestions for a Summer Bucket List — things to do, places to check out and activities to try n and around Reston before summer’s end.

Obviously, different ideas will appeal to different residents in different age groups. But we are open for ideas. If you have any “must-dos” of summer (even better: with a photo of you/your family participating in said event), email us at [email protected] and we will consider it.

Bucket List Item No. 2: Jump in all RA pools

Reston Association has 15 pools. If you are a Reston Association member, you have access to all of them.

Each of the pools is slightly different. Glade has the big slide, Lake Newport has the Olympic size space to splash.

Uplands and Hunters Woods have splashpark-like features popular with tots. Ridge Heights has shaded spots. North Shore and Lake Thoreau have hot tub spa pools. Many others are just quiet, neighborhood spots.

In any case, why not try them all in August? Or, if you are really up for a challenge, see if you can hit them all in one day.

Check the schedule on the Reston Association website before you go. Certain pools are closed on certain days, and many pools close for the season Aug. 16.

Happy swimming!


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