Reston Citizens Association Appoints New Directors, Officers

by Karen Goff August 7, 2015 at 1:00 pm 5 Comments

Sridahr Ganesan/file photoThe Reston Citizens Association (RCA) has re-appointed sitting president Sridhar Ganesan as president, as well as appointed several new and returning neighborhood directors.

RCA is a nonpartisan community group representing the citizens of Reston. It usually holds annual elections, but RCA by-laws state that if only one candidate files, then RCA can appoint that candidate to the post.

The two directors joining the RCA board for the first time are Lynne Mulston (Town Center/Lake Anne/Tall Oaks) and Geoff Lewis (At-Large). Mulston has been a resident of Reston since 1968 and is the founder and principal of a consulting firm. Lewis is an architect with DBI Architects and is involved Reston Runners and the Initiative for Public Art – Reston (IPAR),

RCA’s reappointed sitting At-Large directors (three-year terms) are Annmarie Swope, Nick Georgas and Yavuz Inanli.

Ganesan, who represents Reston’s North Point District, was re-elected as president and John Hanley, Hunters Woods District director, was re-elected as RCA’s Vice President. Joe Leighton, South Lakes District, was re-elected as Treasurer and Nick Georgas as Secretary.

For more info on RCA visit www.rcareston.com.

  • cRAzy

    What? I thought RCA held ELECTIONS in the spring to fill its board positions. Why is this “citizens” group just self-selecting its members, after all “citizens” is its middle name?
    Who are these people?

    • ReadingIsFundamental

      if you were to visit the website you could read in the by-laws and probably answer your other questions.

      abbreviated copy/paste for the otherwise lazy:

      3) Elections. Each year, the Class of Directors for that corresponding year will come up for election. … For seats that have received only one qualified applicant, the Board of Directors shall appoint that uncontested candidate as a member of the RCA Board representing that district.

      10) Public Elections: Public elections shall be conducted annually during the period June 7 to June 22 by ballots cast by members of the Association of voting age (16 years or older).

      • cRAzy

        In the past, I recall RCA having elections with only one named candidate and an opportunity for qualified write-in candidates/votes. (Don’t recall any write-ins winning, but I could be wrong.)

        As for the RCA bylaws, the posted bylaws reflect changes made as recently as June 7, 2015, just as the election period would have started. Did RCA change the rules instead of having an election this year to facilitate appointing “friends and family”?

        How is this good for representing the diversity of Reston?

        • JCSuperstar

          And what does RCA do again? Do they advocate, fundraise, meet with the RA Members, anything? Bueller? Bueller? Anyone? Anyone?

    • Karen Goff

      Read the story. It explains the bylaws. If only one candidate, then they can appoint the candidate rather than holding an election.


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