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Nearby: Daylight Armed Robbery at Woodland Park Apartments

by Karen Goff September 1, 2015 at 3:00 pm 1,001 13 Comments

Woodland Park RoadFairfax County Police have arrested two 16 year olds in connection with an armed robbery at the Woodland Park Apartments in unincorporated Herndon on Saturday.

A man told police he was siting in his vehicle in the center’s parking lot off of Centreville Road about 6:30 p.m.when he was approached  by two male teenagers.

The suspects displayed a knife and demanded property, police said. The suspects took property and fled to a nearby apartment complex.

Police called the helicopter and K9 team and located the suspects. The two juveniles, from Sterling and Herndon, were charged with robbery.

In other weekend police news from FCPD’s Reston District Station:


  • 12300 block of Copenhaven Court, phone from business.
  • 11400 block of Orchard Green Court, property from vehicle.
  • 11900 block of Sentinel Point Court, cash from vehicle.
  • 11000 block of Solaridge Drive, electronic equipment from vehicle.
  • 11500 block of Southington Lane, cash and property from vehicle.

  • DMB

    I”m guessing the suspects were two white teenagers wearing a Dave Matthews shirt and brown flip flops.

  • Henry Rearden

    Those crazy Mormons out at it again

  • PC Fairy

    are we sure they were males? I doubt the police bothered to confirm it by asking the accused what they feel their gender should be listed as. The police shouldn’t release sexist reports it leads to bigoted view that males commit more violent crimes than other genders and we know this isn’t true.

  • susie

    Karen, where are the descriptions of the perps? Would their identity “offend” and be “not cool” ?

    • Karen Goff

      Police did not say because they have already been arrested. When they do say, it is because they are looking for the suspects and need to describe them so people can be on the lookout. They also do not name juvenile offenders.

      • susie

        Well that’s a reasonable answer — except we live in a SANCTUARY county. So my question is valid.

      • Richard

        Karen, there’s so little value from your comments page you should really eliminate it. It does nothing to improve your site. It’s always occupied by the same racist minority who turn every article into some statement about immigration. Or remove the ability to post anonymously. At least they would have to stand behind their comments.

        • Capt Obvious
        • Road Apples

          If I may reply:
          ( for the record I don’t agree with many of the opinions offered in the RN comment section and probably most disagree with me )
          1. I concur the moderator of this site does indeed have the freedom/right to eliminate or change posting requirements if they so desire.
          2. Being respectful of your right to your opinion;
          I specifically find your personal efforts to quell discussions/opinions in this free Country of ours:
          disturbing at best and disgusting/revolting at worst.

          • Richard

            My preference is to leave the comments section but employ a measure to eliminate anonymity. If you’re willing to make revolting statements, have the courage of your convictions and stand behind them. That might keep some of the trolls under the bridge where they belong. I hardly mind a dissenting opinion, but the anonymity leads to wild accusations as well as impolite and offensive rhetoric that offers no value. One would assume that type of behavior will be curtailed if everyone is held responsible for his or her comments.

        • Goff Troller

          Richard is right. The comments section is a troll’s paradise where not much actually gets discussed. But maybe they drive traffic?

    • WhoIsJohnGalt

      Most likely a minority of some sort. Most probable “Dreamers”

  • Chuck Morningwood

    Probably needed some extra cash to pay the tuition bills.


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