The Courage Wall Comes to Reston Station

by Karen Goff September 3, 2015 at 9:30 am 9 Comments

Courage Wall/Credit: Nancy Belmont

A new interactive public art display was put in place on the plaza at Reston Station on Tuesday.

The Courage Wall has gone up on the construction fencing near the BLVD Apartments on the plaza to capture thoughts of Metro passengers as they head to the Wiehle-Reston East station. It urges people to chalk-in the ending to the sentence “I wish I had the courage to….”

The piece, sponsored in Reston by Comstock Partners, is similar to the “Before I Die” project, which had a brief stay at Lake Anne Plaza last year.

“Reston Station is delighted to host the Courage Wall,” said Comstock spokeswoman Maggie Parker. “This is the start of the community conversation about who we are and what makes us tick.”

Parker said the wall will remain up until Sept. 26, when it will be replaced with the Reston Station portion of the “We Make Reston” photo project.

The Courage Wall is 80 feet long and features seven languages, including English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese, Arabic and Hindi.

The Courage Wall project started in May in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria. People of all ages participate in the wall to share their thoughts such as  “Forgive my mother…Start a coffee shop…Run for office…Skydive…Be the man she thinks I am…Love my body…Adopt a child…”

In July,  the Courage Wall moved to Ballston, where it stayed for two months.

Alexandria’s Nancy Belmont, owner of the branding agency, Belmont, Inc., started the wall in order to spark a conversation on courage. She says it is her hope is that the Courage Wall helps people make declarations that will lead to live bigger, bolder, more authentic lives.

There will be a special event at Reston Station hosted by Belmont on Thursday, Sept. 24. at 7 p.m. Belmont will interview three people who displayed courage to make changes in their lives as part of a “Conversations in Courage” discussion.

Photo: Courage Wall/Credit: Nancy Belmont

  • K Plum

    I wish I had the courage to Lower Taxes and cut wasteful spending.

  • Migrant

    I wish I had the courage to stay and fix my country instead of running to another one offering free stuff.

  • Sorebonius

    I wish Reston and the Courage to build a Hooters. #HootersForReston

    • Lake Anne Resident

      “Budget for the initial investment of a Hooters franchise, which comes to about $800,000 to $1.5 million for each restaurant, with a franchise fee of $75,000 for each location and an option fee of $15,000 for each additional restaurant within a territory.” – Have at it! 🙂

      • Greg

        We could have at least TWO of them, if that’s the cost, if RA had not wasted our money on the Tetra debacle.

  • Greg

    This hideous thing got past the DRB? Perhaps not subject to DRB yet?

    • Karen Goff

      It’s temporary, so no DRB

  • John Higgins

    Thanks for the story. Interesting intellectual challenge – enough so to overcome its hideous appearance for a short spell. I assume the photo is from the wall in Alexandria, not Reston.

    • Karen Goff

      Yes, photo was from Alexandria.


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