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Reston Trash Service Shutting Down Due to Founder’s Health

by Karen Goff September 16, 2015 at 9:30 am 1,195 13 Comments

John Hasle/2011 Reston Patch photoReston Trash, which has been servicing the area for more than 40 years, announced it will shut down on Oct. 1 due to the health of president John Hasle.

“I have been dealing with steadily worsening health problems for more than 15 years,” Hasle wrote in a letter to customers. “Results of recent testing and evaluations dictate that my condition requires me to stop working and seek the most advanced treatments possible without delay.”

Reston Trash, founded by Hasle in 1974, serves more than 500 homes in Reston. Hasle said the accounts will be turned over to American Disposal Trash Services, another local company. Reston Trash’s customers will begin service with American Oct. 1, said Hasle.

In 2011, Reston Trash customers stood with Hasle when American allegedly launched a door-to-door sales campaign encouraging homeowners to switch to their company. ADTS reps were apparently telling homeowners that Reston Trash was selling to another company, AAA Trash, according to a Reston Patch story.

One Reston Trash client said on Tuesday he is upset that Reston Trash “unilaterally moved all of their accounts over to American Disposal.”

“This is a cause of considerable concern as I see it,” homeowner Chris Lamb said in an email to Reston Now. “First, neither Reston Trash nor American Disposal enjoys power of attorney over any former Reston Trash customer. Once Reston Trash ends operations, my contract with them ends. I found this out when I called Republic and American to obtain competing bids. American told me I was already a customer and ‘locked’ into a rate.”

“After I explained they have no right to unilaterally sign a service agreement on my behalf they agreed to cancel my account. … I can’t imaging Cox cable going out of business and unilaterally signing their customers up for Comcast.”

Lamb, who said he was pleased with Reston Trash’s service and does not believe it did anything intentionally wrong, said he was able to negotiate a rate with Republic that was lower than both the locked-in rate he had with Reston Trash and the new rate with American.

Photo: John Hasle, 2011/Elizabeth Vandenburg for Reston Patch

  • Constance (Connie) Hartke

    We will miss Reston Trash Service. They drove their trucks respectfully through our neighborhood, unlike American that barrels through and rounds the corners with complete assumption that no one is coming the other way. I’ve seen them racing along my street as well as in my daughter’s neighborhood. Glad to realize that I should check alternatives.

  • Richard

    I quit American after they falsely claimed Reston Trash was selling to AAA. Didn’t want to do business with a company with such shady business practices. It’s hard to believe that Reston Trash is now moving all their accounts over to that company.

    • Constance (Connie) Hartke

      I am glad for John that he was able to sell his company. That is wonderful for him and (I hope) his employees. I also am glad to realize that I should check on options!

  • Ken Fredgren

    Kathy and I have been John’s customers for 12 years, and we found his customer service to be exceptional. We owned and operated our own service business for 21 years, and we know what good customer service is. We will miss him and his care, and we are praying for the best possible outcome as he begins treatment for his health issues.

    With regard to American Disposal, we respect John’s judgement, and we like what he said about the company – especially impressive considering the early conflict between the two companies. For now, we’re glad he saved us the hassle of interviewing various successor companies.

  • Ellen Jennings

    Will miss Reston Trash and John so much – they have become friends over the years and I love their committment to “do the right thing.” And they have been so nice to my dogs! I too have my reservations about American, but respect John’s judgement also acknowledge his need to sell his business given his serious health concerns. We’ll go with American and will try to give feedback as warranted.

  • Constance (Connie) Hartke

    A fan of John’s has started a collection for a retirement gift – http://www.gofundme.com/ca4ah6uw

  • Mike M

    I knew Robert Duval lived in Virginia, but I had no idea he ran a trash service.

  • Beth & David

    After enduring AAA’s lack of good service and seeing some bad practices, we looked for an alternative – and it became crystal clear John was the way to go. His integrity, responsiveness and friendliness – to our dog too – was a model few businesses follow. We wish him the best in health and retirement.

    Connie, thanks for the link to donate for a gift: http://www.gofundme.com/ca4ah6uw

    We’ll trust John’s opinion and transfer of accounts to American, and will re-visit the choice if need be down the road.

  • Greg B

    So sorry to see Reston Trash go. I don’t expect any company will be able to measure up to the service John provided. We’ll go with American to start and see how it goes.

    If you used the by-the-bag service, it probably saved you a lot over the years. Pay it forward (or back or whatever): http://www.gofundme.com/ca4ah6uw

  • Greg

    “I can’t imaging (sic) Cox cable going out of business and unilaterally signing their customers up for Comcast.”

    No need to imagine because cable company each has an exclusive territory set by the Fairfax County. Verizon maybe, but Cox – > Comcast, no.

  • east297

    Have never seen American trucks speeding in our neighborhood and have used their services for years. They pick up any amount and kind of trash and are extremely reliable. Their employees in the office and on the trucks are polite and helpful.

  • quest4fire

    I am a customer of Reston Trash for 18 years. I dont agree with Chris Lamb, Im sure John just wanted us to have trash service by unilaterally transferring us to American instead of leaving us to search for options. I will give American a try, there is nothing preventing me from using another service provider. I am confused by Chris Lamb’s statement as I never had a contract with Reston Trash, perhaps he signed a contract recently? I ended up using Reston Trash because that was whom the previous owner of my house used when we bought it. Been a happy customer ever since. As for American, it is true that they speed through the streets.

  • Matt

    We’re also bummed to see Reston Trash go! Thanks for the great service!

    We received a letter from American telling us our service had been transferred to them and that they would “guarantee” the same rates we had previously been paying to Reston Trash for one year. Reston Trash was actually a bit more expensive than American, so what American is really saying is that their new customers will be paying a more expensive rate than they offer their existing customers. I found that pretty slimy of American and not a great introduction to their company. In fairness to American, when I called them about this they gave me the existing customer rate – about $5/cheaper a month.

    If you’re new to American, you might want to give them a call and ask for the “normal” price.


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