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Lake Anne ES Students Say Farewell to Principal Menuey

by Karen Goff September 28, 2015 at 1:00 pm 11 Comments

Brendan Menuey, principal at Reston’s Lake Anne Elementary for the last three years, is leaving the school to serve as Fairfax County Public Schools’ Executive Principal for School Improvement for Region 2, the school announced.

Lake Anne students sang their goodbyes to Menuey on Friday.

Menuey will supervise and support 44 schools in the Annandale, Falls Church, McLean, Marshall, and Stuart high school pyramids, as well as Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology.

Prior to leading Lake Anne, he was assistant principal ft the school for three years.

Karen Siple will take over as interim principal at the school.

Siple is a retired FCPS principal. She taught at Herndon’s McNair Elementary and served as principal at Floris Elementary and Coates Elementary, also in Herndon.

  • Henry Rearden

    What a great use of classroom time, forcing all the students into the hallway for some grand farewell to inflate a mans ego. I’d be willing the majority of those students could not care any less about the change in venue for this man they’ve rarely if ever directly interacted with.

    • Parent

      Wow – this couldn’t be further from the truth Henry! The children had a wonderful relationship with Dr. Menuey because he made a point of it. They will miss him dearly. He made Lake Anne an amazing school and we are all grateful for him. The 10 minutes that the kids were in the hallway to wish Dr. M well taught them about the importance of showing your gratitude for those that have worked tirelessly to better your education, as well as showing support and pride for his promotion – although they will miss him at their school. They learned that the harder you work, the farther you go. Oh, and the kids also had fun. After all, they are children. Those 10 minutes will be something they remember forever. Of course, they could have spent them drilling math facts. But I’d rather my child be in the hallway learning bigger life lessons and having fun any day. Congratulations Dr. Menuey on a job well done and best of luck in your new endeavor. I hope you felt the appreciation from your students, staff and families on Friday!

    • Reston Parent

      Henry, Dr. Menuey knows every student’s name, and their parents’ names, at Lake Anne Elementary. He has supported the children at every grade level, celebrated their accomplishments, picked them up when they were down, and has served as an incredible role model during these formative years. You couldn’t be further off from understanding this amazing man, but hopefully this shows you that there are people like Dr. M in this world who truly go above and beyond to grow our children. My children are terribly sad he’s leaving, but they know that he has been recognized for his leadership and they, not only the parents, are proud of him.

    • Richard

      “Henry Reardon” is a regular troll of the RestonNow Comments section. Take no mind.

    • CE

      Henry, usually there’s at least a little truth to what you post. I’m sorry to say this time you have no idea what you’re talking about.

    • Lake Anne Resident

      The departure of Dr. Menuey at LAES will be a tremendous loss to the school. He was a tireless force that knew and cared for every child in that building. There were so many times where I would be at an after school function (PTA, Science Fair, etc.) and there would be Dr. Menuey taking an active role in the event after putting in what was most likely a 12 hour day. Most people would have gone home to their family, but to Dr. Menuey, LAES was family.

  • susie

    What is an executive principal for school improvement?

    • meh

      It is a middle management position. Positions like it keep teacher salaries low and the reason our kids have fewer class options.

      • susie

        It really is not about the kids anymore, is it ?

        • Henry Rearden

          It wasn’t about the kids for close to 20 years. Common core, standardized testing, no child left behind, none of it is for the kid.

          Then look into how much $ goes into the bottom 5% of the student base vs the top 5%. Instead of helping those that have the academic merit we help those that will just ask if we’d like paper or plastic, or if we’d like the medium or large size value meal

    • Henry Rearden

      A job created by the teachers union to inflate salaries of management while increasing classroom size and detract from hiring the best due to the low and stagnant starting salaries of those in FCPS


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