South Lakes Starbucks May Begin Selling Beer, Wine

by Karen Goff October 5, 2015 at 4:30 pm 11 Comments

South Lakes Starbucks

The South Lakes Village Center Starbucks may soon become a place for a glass of wine and small plates in the evenings.

The South Lakes location, at 11170 South Lakes Dr., is one of several Virginia locations seeking a license to sell wine and beer. The application was filed last week, according to Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control permit records. Other Northern Virginia Starbucks also seeking to add beer and wine service are in Arlington, Purcellville, Chantilly, Sterling and Great Falls.

The effort is part of the Starbucks Evenings program, which rolled out in August. The company began testing it in New York City, Denver, Miami, Orlando and Northern California. It has filed alcohol license applications for several hundred locations nationwide.

“We learned resoundingly that our customers want to come to Starbucks and have a glass of wine or a craft beer,” Rachel Antalek, Starbucks vice president of concept innovations, told USA Today in August. “There aren’t that many places to go in the evening where you can go very relaxed, very casual. It’s not loud. You can actually have a small group and hear yourself talk.”

On the Evenings menu: cheese plates, bacon-wrapped dates, spinach and artichoke dip, and truffle popcorn. There are about 10 wines on the wine list (available by the glass or bottle), as well as craft beer.

The coffee menu is also available during evening hours, Starbucks said.

  • Ming the Merciless

    All it needs are some young ladies in short shorts serving wings, and we are closer to nirvana…


  • Chuck Morningwood

    Well, I went home with the barista
    the way I always do.
    How was I to know
    she was with the Russians, too?

    • Mike M

      I saw a werewolf drinking an IPA at Starbucks
      His hair was perfect
      Werewolves of Reston again

      • Lake Anne Resident

        I really do appreciate the fact your sittin’ here
        Your voice sounds so wonderful but your face don’t look to clear
        So barista bring a pitcher!
        Another round of brew
        Why don’t we get drunk and. . .

  • RoadApples

    CM and MTM:
    Touche’ on your comments.
    And most importantly I am personally comforted by the fact that you two high falluting; blue bloods ( while proclaiming per previous postings your disdain for the south side of Reston) will opt to indeed: not be imbibing with us South Reston rif-raf at the South Lakes Starbucks.
    A’int Life Grand!

    • Chuck Morningwood

      You’re right. Why drink beer at Starbucks when you can get FRESH beer at Aslin, Beltway Brewing or that new place on Lake Anne?

    • meh

      En español por favor

  • Master Coffee Roaster

    Nothing worse than a belligerent drinker that won’t or can’t go to sleep. Maybe let’s stare him into keeping quiet.

  • Terry Maynard

    As a nearby resident and periodic user of the SL Starbux on my afternoon walks around the neighboring lakes, I worry about underage drinkers getting access to the beer & wine.

    That Starbux is highly used by SLHS and LHMS students in the mid- to late afternoon, which is fine as long as their drinking some variant of coffee (more or less). Also would note that a significant number of parents drag their elementary school kids in there after school when Mom especially needs a caffeine boost.

    Given that Starbux is aiming to boost evening business, it may make sense to limit the sale of wine and beer until after 5 or even 6PM. By that time, the majority of minor customers has dissipated.

    Don’t even know if that kind of restriction is legally possible in Virginia, but worth some consideration if it is.

    Who knows, I may start walking later and drinking beer or wine earlier, but then I may not be able to finish the walk. Where’s Uber when you need it? Or I could wait (and drink) for the next RIBS 2–that will be awhile.

  • RoadApples

    With great respect to the thoughtful and humorous coments.

  • John Q Public

    Its just what the area needs..another place to consume booze!


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