Coming Soon: MOD Pizza at Plaza America

by Karen Goff October 7, 2015 at 11:00 am 9 Comments

Mod Pizza in Irvine, Ca./Courtesy Mod PizzaA new pizza place is coming to Reston’s Plaza America.

MOD Pizza has filed permits to renovate the space at 11642 Plaza America, which was vacated by Vie De France in October 2014.

MOD Pizza is a Seattle-based franchise founded in 2008. It opened its first Washington, D.C.-area store earlier this year in Silver Spring, part of fast growth that the company founders hope will be 100 stores by 2016. Another Northern Virginia store is planned for Gainesville.

The restaurant is a fast-casual concept. Customers choose from a variety of speciality pizzas or create their own. The pizza is ready in about five minutes. Pizzas start at $7.47.

The usual toppings such as pepperoni, cheese and sausage are available, but so are hot buffalo sauce, siracha, feta and arugula.

Photo Courtesy of MOD Pizza

  • Chuck Morningwood

    Expensive designer pizza. I am underwhelmed.

    • meh

      no wings or pitchers of beer.

      • Wings!!

        Exactly my man, exactly. This does nothing for me. I can design my own pizza at home.


      • qwerty

        Cause you can’t get those anywhere.

    • JamesTaggart

      I would like a place where I can make my own pizza, toss the dough, put on the toppings and then put it in the huge brick oven.

      • Lake Anne Resident

        What about a steakhouse where you can grill your own steak at a fraction of steakhouse prices? A $12 filet mignon with a side for example. There would be an awesome bar of course.

      • qwerty

        And get a muffin top for dessert?

        • JamesTaggart

          I thought of that but didn’t know what to do with all the stumps. And a good name was hard to come up with. I thought maybe “Top of the muffin” but that didn’t sound right

      • LakeNewportLady

        And pay entirely in change


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