Man Arrested for Robbery, Assault of Teen Near Spectrum

by Karen Goff October 8, 2015 at 11:35 am 1,560 22 Comments

Raul Soto/Credit: FCPDFairfax County Police have arrested a man they say robbed and assaulted a woman near the parking lot of the Best Buy store at Reston’s Spectrum Wednesday night.

Police said Raul Soto, 25, of no fixed address, followed the victim, 19, from the parking lot about 11:15 p.m. The victim told police Soto blocked her path and made demands of her as she approached the tunnel that leads under Reston Parkway. He knocked her down, assaulted her, stole her phone and fled.

The victim called police, which dispatched several resources, including a helicopter and a tracking K-9 and handler.

Following leads, officers located the suspect at Embry Rucker Community Shelter nearby.

Soto was charged with robbery and transported to the Fairfax Adult Detention Center.

Photo: Raul Soto/Credit: FCPD

  • JamesTaggart

    In situations where the individual has no fixed-address, does that mean they are homeless or that their legal status is in question? I would hate to think that someone was assaulted and robbed due to a lax in judgement in respect to border security.

    Perhaps this is one giant misunderstanding?

    • xoEmme

      I went to school with Raul, did not know him because he was a year younger but I remember him being a pretty normal kid. Not sure of immigration status but he did not even have an accent or anything. Sad to see this happen, condolences to the victim.

      • Mike M

        This didn’t “happen,” Emme. The criminal stalked, assaulted, and robbed a young woman who was minding her own business. This crime was committed by the choice of the criminal.

        • Scott b

          It did happen you are right, it was my daughter that it happened to. She fought him off and the police promptly caught him. She one tough girl

          • Gregory Toland

            I am proud of your daughter!

          • Mike M

            I am glad your daughter faought the crreep off and assisted in his apprehension. My point was thiswasn’t some some “oh, dang” event. This was a crime by someone behaving as a predator and by choice. Accidents happen. Crimes are the intent of the criminal.

    • sl

      I also went to school with him. He is very much an American citizen, this happened because he is mentally unstable. Earlier this year, he stalked middle schoolers getting off the bus and shot them with bb guns. So no, legal status has nothing to do with it.

  • meh

    So glad we let thugs like Raul and his buddy Melvin down in Arlington to jump the border to assault our daughters. The amnesty & sanctuary crowd are loosing supporters one female family member victim at a time.

    • sl

      He’s an American citizen. It’s not about race, it’s about mental illness at this point

  • Mike M

    Raul Soto, . . of no fixed address. Dios mio!

    Predators LOVE our tunnels. Law enforcement and solvers of Reston’s future pedestrian problems might take note.

  • Troll troller

    Troll loves this thread, more trolls to keep Troll company. It have all ingredients for great trolling: Crime, immigration, RestonNow commenters.

    • Chuck Morningwood

      Because, as every sensibly minded person knows, we should all embrace in loving arms crime, immigration and RestonNow commenters.

      BTW, Troll, you want to share some of that Nose Candy?

  • John Q Public

    Way to many “Raul’s” running around the county…hopefully they can lock up and or deport this disgusting roach ASAP.

    • Albert

      Don’t forget that all your family descends from another country John, I been assaulted more for white and black people than Latinos, most of them work hard, they pay the taxes that never claim back, we pay for all the drug addicts shelters, for all those people getting food stamps, which the majority are white and black “American born” people descendents from Europe and Africa, same as you, dumb ass!!

      • susie

        Wow Albert – I had no idea the element of which we cannot speak of here is so angelic and the American born (in quotes!) is so hideous.

    • Lini

      I’ve encountered this guy before and know he was born in the US, just like you John Q. So before you discriminate based on someone’s “name”, you should hit some history books and check out US crime statistics.

  • Greendayer

    Nice job catching the alleged perp. This area does not need criminals.

  • Goff Troll

    Why Karen no like Trolls, but lets trolls troll on RestonNow?

    • Karen Goff

      Troll troller. I think it was the picture that was freaking people out. This one is much friendlier 🙂

  • Ming the Merciless

    Gee, I can’t understand why every thread on this site somehow becomes about immigration…

    • susie

      Careful Ming – that is considered vulgar speech on this board.

  • minwage

    If we can get Ken Plum to raise the minimum wage, this fine citizen would have had more then enough money, and wouldn’t have to rob young women.


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