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Monday Morning Rundown

by Karen Goff October 12, 2015 at 8:00 am 8 Comments

Kayaking on Lake Audubon/Credit: Joy Every

GRACE Race Needs Volunteers — The GRACE Race 5K is coming up on Oct. 24. The race, which starts and ends at Reston Town Center, could use volunteers. The event will benefit Greater Reston Arts Center programs. [GRACE]

Halloween Family Fun — Several events at Frying Pan Park this week, including carnival rides Thursday through Sunday. [Herndon Patch]

SLHS Golf Kudos — South Lakes High School golfer Kurtis Grant shot a 148 at the Virginia 6A North region golf tournament last week to qualify for Tuesday’s Virginia 5A/6A meet in Moseley. [Washington Post]

  • GB

    Can you do some research and a write up for the right turn on red at Sunrise Valley and Wiehle. Are we allowed to turn on red or not, there’s certainly some confusion based on the traffic I’ve seen there. Thank you.

    • ducatination

      Traveling south on Wiehle Avenue while talking a right on Sunrise Valley Drive is a no stop situation. Sunrise Valley Drive going west past Wiehle Avenue is reduced down to a single lane. The right hand lane from Wiehle creates a second lane on Sunrise Valley drive. The only time stopping is appropriate is when pedestrians are using the cross walk. Why drivers can’t figure this out is beyond me.

      • GB

        Sorry, I’m talking about the right turn on to Wiehle from Sunrise Valley (turning north from going west).

        • ducatination
          • GB

            I’m not sure what you mean by, “right hand on red applies” but:

            “Red arrow: A red arrow means you must stop if you intend to
            move in the direction of the arrow. You may not
            proceed in the direction of the arrow as long
            as the red arrow is displayed, unless signs are
            posted at the intersection that read “Right on
            Red Arrow After Stop” or “Left on Red Arrow
            After Stop.” Virginia law prohibits right and left
            turns at red arrow lights.”


          • ducatination

            Well I’ve learned something new, I have been treating the red arrow as a typical red light. Stop and when clear proceed with caution.

          • GB

            Yeah, that’s 98+% of people, including me. It either needs to be flashing red arrow (allowing a turn on red) or to have a “no turn on red” sign.

  • Constance (Connie) Hartke

    Congratulations to Kurtis Grant! Go Seahawks!


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