Reopened: Chick-fil-A on Sunset Hills

by Karen Goff October 26, 2015 at 4:30 pm 11 Comments

Cow topiary at Reston Chick-fil-A/Chick-fil-A via Facebook

Reston’s Chick-Fil-A, located at 12160 Sunset Hills Rd. completed its remodeling and reopened on Saturday.

The restaurant had been closed since late August to receive a complete overhaul.

Improvements include new equipment inside; an expansion to dual drive-thru lanes; and new landscaping.

The Reston location had also removed the children’s play area in favor of more seating, store management said on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

Cow topiary part of landscape improvements at Reston Chick-fil-A/Credit: Chick-fil-A via Facebook

  • Lisa W.

    Cow topiary aids me in relating to consuming chicken parts.

  • cosmo

    Their Facebook page also indicates they are moving forward on a possible new location at North Point. The old Burger King, perhaps?

    • LakeNewportLady

      That’d be great!

    • Karen Goff

      Yes, I saw that. No permits have been filed though. “Moving forward” is not the same as “have a signed lease.” I think they have been moving forward on that for about two years, with nothing to show. So…when I see permits, then it is a done (reportable) deal.

  • meh

    that cow wont last long, morons will try to mount it for photos.

  • Reston Mom

    It’s s a shame they got rid of the play area. We went there quite a few times with the kids on bad weather days just because of that.

    • Mom

      I agree. The play area will be missed.

  • Ming the Merciless

    It seemed like they moved the restroom wall further forward – i.e., there appears to be less room to the right (towards the restrooms) if you are facing the counter. But why would they do that, if they did?

    • LakeNewportLady

      Family restroom??

  • Nyla J.

    Back to serving up LGBT-phobic chicken sandwiches with a side of judgemental fries.

  • vdiv

    Someone entrepreneurial should open a second Chick fil A at the former BK in Northpoint. Wonder what Lerner are asking for rent (counted in nuggets please 😉


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