Election Day: No Surprises in Reston-Area Races

by Karen Goff November 4, 2015 at 9:20 am 20 Comments

FCPS School Board member Pat HynesThere were no surprises on Election Day as the Virginia State Senate and House members, and the Fairfax County Supervisor and School Board member representing Reston — all running unopposed — were re-elected.

Here are some tallies:

State Senate (32nd District)

Janet Howell (D)  28,872 votes (93.41 %)

Write ins  1,684 (6.59 %)

State Delegate (36th District)

Ken Plum (D) 10,339 (93.91%)

Write-ins 670 (6.09% )

Board of Supervisors, Hunter Mill District

Cathy Hudgins (D) 17,235 (94.33%)

Write-in 1,036 (5.67%)

In the only Reston-area contested race, Hunter Mill School Board member Pat Hynes was re-elected to a second term. Hynes (12,951 votes; 61.30%) defeated Mark Wilkinson (8,116, 38.41%).

Hynes, who also serves as the current school board chair, will serve another four-year term.

In the school board race for three At-Large seats, incumbents Ryan McElveen and Ilryong Moon were re-elected. However, newcomer Jeanette Hough was elected with the third-highest number of votes (80,006) in the nine-candidate field, moving ahead of incumbent Ted Velkoff for the third at-large seat.

Sharon Bulova/File photoSharon Bulova (D) will also return for another term as Board of Supervisors Chair. She received 59 percent of the votes, easily defeating Republican opponent Arthur G. Purves and Independent Glenda Gail Parker.

In other races:

Raymond F. Morrogh, running unopposed, was re-elected to the county Commonwealth’s Attorney office.

Stacey Kincaid defeated challenger Bryan “B.A.” Wolfe to return as Fairfax Count y Sheriff.

Scott John Cameron,  George W. Lamb IV and Gerald O. “Jerry” Peters earned spots for the Soil and Water Conservation Director Northern Virginia District.

John Frey narrowly defeated Bettina Lawson (48 percent to 46 percent) as for county clerk of courts.

Both the $315 million public schools bond and the $151 million facilities bond easily passed.

For more vote totals, breakdowns by precinct and nearby races, visit the Virginia Board of Elections’ website.

Photos: Top, Hunter Mill School Board rep Pat Hynes; Bottom, Board of Supervisors Chair Sharon Bulova/file photos

  • opposed

    The residents of Hunters Woods should be happy to know they will continue to receive their free hand outs from Ken Plum.

  • Chuck Morningwood

    I guess that “Ming the Merciless” write-in campaign for Hunter Mill District Supervisor didn’t work out so well. Well, at least he got my vote.

    • Greg

      Mine too.

    • meh

      I wonder exactly how many write in votes he got, if he broke the 100 mark I would call that a success for a non existent campaign.

      • write_in

        Write-ins 670 (6.09% )

  • Mary Cavanaugh

    Congratulations Jeanette Hough, for your win-FCPS At Large School Board !! I know she will do a wonderful job! I think it is awesome that, Mark Wilkinson, stepped in and stood up for change, and concerned citizens in the Hunter Mill District. He and took over half of incumbant Pat Hynes votes. Good show!

    • Chuck Morningwood

      Sure, but will she keep the boys out of the girl’s bathroom?

      • Mary Cavanaugh

        She is one more common sense voice on the board!

    • CE

      McElveen? Sounds like a sexy hamburger. Super bad quote.

  • Opposed

    Ken Plum is throwing a celebration party at his home in Lake Newport this evening. Everyone is invited. He is providing food and drink, and a place to crash if you need too. Yayyyy!!!!

    • Opposed

      Overflow parking available at the Tetra building!

      • Karen Goff

        No.1 Ken Plum lives in South Reston. No. 2 you are one more comment awAy from getting your IP address banned from the site. BE respectful. Don’t spread false info and you can stay.

        • Bah

          What happened to that whole “dissent is patriotic” thing? Oh, that’s so 2001 to 2008. It does not apply when Democrats are in office.

          There is no reason to be respectful of Ken. Not only does he vomit on everything I believe in on a weekly basis, he is also a spectacularly ineffective legislator whose presence depends entirely on a gerrymandered district full of D-voting robots. Also, did I mention democracy (small d)? We hired him, we can criticize him, and I only wish we could fire him.

          • Mary Cavanaugh

            Check out

  • Mary Cavanaugh

    Very disappointed to see no challenger in this year’s election! We need someone to step up and challenge Ken Plum and Janet Howell! Both of their voting records are horrible. VoteSpotter.com

  • vdiv

    Yay! Democracy 🙂

    Any chance that someone would read the ballots and collate the write-in names?

  • Rational Reston

    I wrote Bob Simon in for the three uncontested races, figuring that even though he’s passed on, he’d still be more effective. (Or is it less ineffective?)


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