Poll: Should FCPS Have School on Veterans Day?

by Karen Goff November 9, 2015 at 1:30 pm 12 Comments

Flags at North County Government CenterFairfax County Public Schools students traditionally go to school on Veterans Day, Nov. 11.

While it is a federal holiday, for years FCPS has been packaging November days off as a semester break/Election Day/teachers-conference two-day event the first few days of November.

The tradeoff is school on the national holiday.

While many schools have Veterans Day activities on Nov. 11 — for many years, Reston’s Sunrise Valley Elementary, for example, has invited Veterans to speak at a morning assembly. But not all do, and the day is just business as usual.

Should there be school on Veterans Day? Or should it be a chance to reflect and honor on what veterans have done for the United States?

Take our poll and tell us in the comments.

  • Greg

    Yes, if for no other reason, to teach the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

    • Mary Cavanaugh

      Give them the day off to attend Veterans Day events. Interactive learning.

  • Hector

    FCPS needs to watch and feed our children. we are entitled to it.

  • Gregory Toland

    Of all the school districts not to give this Holiday off, it has to be one 25 miles from our Nation’s Capitol. We give a Holiday off for a man we are not even sure discovered America but we do not do it for our Veterans??? I would like someone to make the case why we can do it for C. Columbus but not for our Veterans. If we do it for Columbus surely we can do it for our soldiers. It’s either both or none.

    • Chuck Morningwood

      Apples and Oranges, GT. Nobody is saying that Veterans are somehow worth less than Columbus simply because the kids get Columbus day off but not Veteran’s Day. Why not do like we did with Washington’s and Lincoln’s B’days, and move Veteran’s day to October, where we can celebrate both jointly?

      Besides, since the Last Doughboy passed away last year or the year before, there’s not really much reason to keep it on the same day as the end of WW I. If we need a separate day off for Veterans, let’s move it that “holiday drought” month of August, say during the first Tuesday? That would break up that long, depressing holiday vastness between Independence and Labor Day.

      • Gregory Toland

        To me it is apples to apples. The fed govt created Holidays for those events/persons they felt were worthy. The school districts/local and state govts followed suit. If Columbus is worthy to Fairfax County schools surely our Veterans are worthy. What people want to do on that Holiday is irrelevant on how they honor it. They at least have a choice, I know many Veterans would not be as cynical as Ming. Combining it is not the point although I would not mind that. But I would rather get rid of Columbus and only keep Veterans. It’s the point of what we feel worthy or not worthy. If Veterans Day is not important enough to Fairfax County Schools, surely Columbus is not regardless of where they fall or what holiday drought is created.

        • Chuck Morningwood

          So, if I understand you correctly, you wouldn’t have a problem with Veteran’s Day being moved to August. That would be the preferred alternative to me.

      • Arielle in NoVA

        If you want to keep it as a holiday: how about moving Veterans Day to the first Monday of November, and make Election Day a holiday, and then it’ll be a four-day weekend.

    • Ming the Merciless

      Nobody is having a holiday “for the soldiers” anyway… and few people care about Columbus… they’re both “just another day off” as far as Federal employees are concerned.

      • The Boss

        I couldn’t agree more. An important pre-requisite to having a holiday is actually caring about the reason you have the day off. Also people don’t care about God on Sunday so they shouldn’t have that day off either. And, for punishment they shouldn’t get Saturday off


        • Ming the Merciless

          Since there is no reason to care about the “reason” for the holiday, obviously we need twelve evenly distributed holidays instead of ten arbitrarily distributed ones with five of them in a three month period (Nov/Dec/Jan).

          Give everyone the first weekday of every month off, and that’s that.

  • The Boss

    Also people don’t care about God on Sunday so they shouldn’t have that day off either. And, for punishment they shouldn’t get Saturday off either.


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