Why’s The Helicopter in the Sky? Police Looking for Robbery Suspect

by Karen Goff November 20, 2015 at 8:45 am 13 Comments

FCPD helicopter division/Credit: FCPDThe Fairfax County Police helicopter was circling south Reston Thursday night, leading many Reston Now readers to ask why.

Fairfax County police said a woman reported her purse was stolen in the 2200 block of Gunsmith Square about 11 p.m.

Police looked for a suspect via ground and air, but did not locate him, said FCPD Officer Shelley Broderick.

  • kbikeva

    A stolen purse is worth a chopper? Does that seem like a bit of an overreaction or a use of expensive resources for a pretty low priority crime? I know it’s bad for her, but I wonder about the loss of perspective here. On the other hand, maybe it served as a required training flight.

    • meh

      the person could of pulled a gun on her making him armed and dangerous, or he could been driving a golf cart as an escape vehicle. Either case warrants a helicopter response.

  • meh

    Well the South side of Reston
    Is the baddest part of town
    And if you go down there
    You better just beware
    Of a man named Dindu Nuffin

    • Mike M

      In NOLA they call it the nahwah (Ninth Ward).

  • Ming the Merciless

    They were looking for “Richard” who got lost while walking his dog on the trail near the pony barn.

    • Mike M

      . . . looking for the bocci ball court?

  • JohnQPublic

    Incredible that a stolen purse would trigger the helicopter division..I guess that is the new “merica” that we live in. Whatever justifies the use of all of our overpriced tax payer funded toys that allows ex-jar-heads to patrol the skies.

  • Joe Lindsey

    Wait.. I lost my phone. Call the helicopter?

  • CE

    Obviously this was not affective flying loopdeeloop for a half an hour and not yielding anything. I was standing in my backyard watching the whole thing. What kind of technology did they use to determine I didn’t steal the purse?

  • Monica Russ

    I knew you would know why. Thanks for keeping us informed.

  • FoetusBlow

    let’s just cut to the chase… https://youtu.be/qZtfpWcJzps

  • Rusty

    If anyone could see ANYTHING in Reston once the sun goes down, then perhaps we wouldn’t need to use the chopper as much as we do. Is Reston a haven for vampires!?

    • Rusty

      Sums it up


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