Lake Anne Dredging/Photo: Chesapeake ChocolatesReston Association says the dredging project at Lake Anne is running ahead of schedule and should be completed in two or three weeks.

Work has been completed in the coves and plaza areas, RA says. Dredging contractor Lake Services said a large section near the fountain is all that remains to be dredged.

Reston Association received a state permit last month to dredge Lake Anne. Areas to be dredged include the plaza area, the canal area, and coves near Inlet Court, Waters Edge, Waterview Cluster, South Shore, and the south boat ramp. See a map on RA’s website.

RA says residents’ boats no longer have to be moved for the remaining work to be finished.

RA is dredging the coves to clear accumulated sediment and leaf debris to improve boat and shoreline access. The project will also provide additional water storage areas and deeper areas for fish. Removing sediment at the coves where the major drainage ways enter the lake helps to prevent the lake from filling in with accumulated sediments, RA says.

Photo: Recent dredging near Lake Anne Plaza/Credit: Chesapeake Chocolates


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