Intruder in the Bathroom and Other Police Incidents

by Karen Goff December 11, 2015 at 11:30 am 9 Comments

Fairfax County Police Here are some of the highlights from the Fairfax County Police’s Reston District Station police blotter this week:

UNLAWFUL ENTRY: 1900 block of Crescent Park Dr. Dec. 9.1:30 p.m. A resident reported someone entered the residence and apparently used a downstairs restroom. Nothing was taken.


 12100 block of Sunset Hills Road, merchandise stolen from business

10400 block of Dunn Meadow Rd, cash and property from vehicle

1700 block of Fountain Dr., cash from business

2500 block of John Milton Dr., Liquor from business

 11900 block of Market Street, merchandise from business.

1700 block of Business Center Drive, property from vehicle.


 2200 block of Sanibel Drive, 2012 Nissan Quest

  • Heh

    Is George Laniyan out on bail already? Crescent Park Dr is right around the corner from Kinsley Place where George was squatting.

    And what’s up with these people who don’t lock their doors?

    • Michael C

      It’s strange, that neighborhood is west market which is pretty pricey. I get a feeling people here have false sense of security living in such an expensive neighborhood. it’s like they forget the W&OD is right next to them. I live one street over from crescent park and my door is always locked.

  • meh

    Nothing was taken, but was something left?

    • A Few Minutes

      Why do they call it “taking a dump”, when you’re really leaving a dump?

  • Chuck Morningwood

    Oh my goodness. Reston has a T*rd B*rglar!

  • tattler

    Who gives a crap?

  • tattler

    Something doesn’t smell right about this story…

  • tattler

    This is the #2 story of the day

  • Lily

    On Wednesday, delivered packages were stolen outside a neighbor house at lunchtime and also my house on Park Garden Lane in Reston. I think thieves are getting smart and following UPS trucks during the holiday season.


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